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Riley Johnson


April 23, 2024


April 23, 2024


April 23, 2024

In 1995, the known country music group Gaither Vocal Band released another hit song titled “Yes, I Know” as part of their album Southern Classics, Volume II. 

The vocal group, consisting of Bill Gaither, Reggie Smith, Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb, and Todd Suttles, gained popularity for their heart-striking southern gospel song that everyone could relate to. 

They have released multiple albums and singles since their debut in 1981. The majority of their songs are always well-received by listeners, and included in their long list of hit songs is their gospel song “Yes, I Know.”

Although there is no denying that their voices contributed to the success of their releases, we can’t deny that the meaning behind their songs also captured everyone’s interest. 

“Yes, I Know,” in particular, is a song that intrigues listeners because of its meaning. So, to learn more about it, let us dive into the emotional meaning behind Gaither Vocal Band’s classic hit song “Yes, I Know.”

Meaning Behind The Song

Written by Anna Waterman, “Yes, I Know” is one of those songs that can touch the deepest corners of the soul with its profound simplicity and unwavering message of hope. 

It is simply a song about how Jesus can save anyone, even the worst sinners. It sends a message of redemption and assurance, offering the listeners burdened by guilt the promise of forgiveness as long as they redeem themselves. 

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“Yes, I Know” is more than just a song; it sends a message of strength and encouragement despite life’s challenges. It reminds us that we are never alone and can overcome any obstacle with the help of God. 

By listening to Gaither Vocal Band’s hit song “Yes, I Know,” a light of hope can shine through your darkest times. Watch their powerful song performance below. 


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