January 29

“Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” By The “Gentle Giant” Don Williams


The “Gentle Giant” Don Williams can touch your hearts through his music and songs. With the combination of his deliberate lyrics, soft, jivey harmony, and soft-toned voice, “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” will definitely move you.

First things first, a song is a composition of words, phrases, and sentences entangled with harmony. It can be a story about family, faith, life experiences, friend, and most of the time love. Furthermore, it may be a sad or happy testimony. But there is one thing for sure, a song can definitely affect your emotion.

Moreover, a track, a song, or an anthem can certainly shake you. Perhaps because of the lyrics or the harmony that was patched to every lyric. It depends on the listener on what effect would it be.

An illustration of this can simply be experienced with the song “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”.

The Lyrics…

Coffee black, cigarettes
Start this day, like all the rest
First thing every morning that I do
Is start missing you

Some memories never end
…Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die

Rendezvous in the night
A willing woman to hold me tight
But in the middle of love’s embrace
I see your face

….Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die

The Song

The touching “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” is written by Wayland Holyfield. It was released in January 1977 as Williams’ first single on his album “Visions”. The anthem was Williams’ sixth No.1 hits on the country chart. In fact, it spent 12 weeks as one of top 40 songs on the country chart.


On the other hand, “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” was re-created by two artists such as Telly Savalas and Bellamy Brothers. Telly Savalas made the song topped the Swiss charts for two weeks and peaked at No. 2 in Austria and No. 4 in the Netherlands while Bellamy Brothers made it Reggae in 1999, a different sound, but still made it to the top.


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