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Clint Black Songs That Are Still Popular After a Long Time

Clint Black songs definitely made an impact on the history of country music. 

Ever since he made his debut in the 1980s, the acclaimed country singer ceaselessly tore up the charts, being among the first artists of a generation that was equally inspired by rock-oriented pop in the ’70s and the rock and roll in the ’60s. Then, came the ’90s, Black became among the pioneers to jumpstart the mass-market following of country music, too.

Check out below for some of his greatest hits!

1. “When I Said I Do”

From: D’Lectrified (1999)

In 1991, Clint Black and his gorgeous bride, Lisa Hartman, said, “I do.” Eight years later, that happy couple put that into a love song – of what we now know as one of the most tender country duets.

Clint wrote “When I Said I Do” for Hartman and was released as the first single from the country singer’s D’lectrified. The romantic ballad then turned out to be a huge hit.

2. “Walkin’ Away”

From: Killin’ Time (1989)

Co-written by Black with his drummer Dick Gay and his guitarist Hayden Nicholas, the trio infused two of Black’s favorite sounds into one song: “a Cajun waltz, but with a real traditional country feel to it.” And it absolutely worked! “Walkin’ Away” became another No. 1 country hit for Black and remained at the top of the charts for three weeks.

3. “Nothin’ But the Taillights”

From: Nothin’ But the Taillights (1997)

“Nothin’ But the Taillights” is released in 1998 as the title track from his album of the same name, Black finds himself on the side of the road after the woman he loves left her, driving his pickup truck down the Kentucky highway – and all he’s left to see is the taillights.

4. “A Bad Goodbye”

From: No Time to Kill (1993)

Recorded by Black as a duet with fellow country singer Wynonna, “A Bad Goodbye” was Black’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 when the song reached No. 43. It also helped them earn Vocal Event of the Year nomination during the 1993 Academy of Country Music awards.

5. “Like the Rain”

From: Greatest Hits (1996)

Another song that resulted from the collaboration of Black and Hayden Nicholas, the country ballad, tells the tale of a man who “never liked the rain.” But things changed when he walked through it with his lover. He now can’t believe how he used to hate the rain and then detailed how he is now falling for it, just like how he feels for the woman he’s with.

6. “A Better Man”

From: Killin’ Time (1989)

In 1989, Clint Black released “A Better Man” as his debut single. More than three decades later, the heartache song still resonates with listeners today.

Written by Black and Hayden Nicholas, the song is actually a reflection of Nicholas’ relationship, which had recently ended after seven years. 

7. “Nobody’s Home”

From: Killin’ Time (1989)

Black started writing this iconic song “Nobody’s Home” in a semi-conscious state while battling a fever. It tells the tale of a man who became discouraged and unhappy after his former lover left and neglected him. It affected him so much that he’s no longer mentally the same person as he once was before they broke up.

8. “Killin’ Time”

From: ‘Killin’ Time’ (1989)

The title track of his debut album, “Killin’ Time,” is probably Black’s most persisting and distinguishable song, but it was actually the last song included in the project. Written by Black and Hayden Nicholas, the duo revealed that they have finished the rest of the song, but they didn’t have the chorus’ ending – for a month!

9. “When My Ship Comes In”

From: The Hard Way (1992)

Black sings about the hope of more pleasant days ahead in “When My Ship Comes In” with lines like “I feel that old cabin fever coming on. But I know where I’ll be when Lady Luck finally blows my way.” It became a No. 1 hit for several weeks.

10. “Been There”

From: D’Lectrified (1999)

Black joined forces with country singer Steve Wariner for “Been There” – a song about being in some undesirable situations, like waking up “in the middle of a dream that didn’t come true.” They told each other that they’ve “been there,” and they no longer want to go back.

11. “Burn One Down”

From: The Hard Way (1992)

Black’s “Burn One Down” has a definite throwback feel to it that you’ll think it was released during the heyday of Merle Haggard or Conway Twitty. The song tells the tale of a man at his last lonely, great bitter moment.

12. “Something That We Do”

From: Nothin’ But the Taillights (1997) 

Exploring the complications of romantic relationships, “Something That We Do” earned Song Of The Year by the Nashville Songwriters Association International in 1997. It was inspired by the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” which suggested that “our relationships – all of them – would be more successful if we treated love as a verb instead of a noun.”

13. “Nothing’s News”

From: Killin’ Time (1989)

Written by Black, the country ballad is about great friends happily gathering at one bar and reminiscing about the days when life was so much nicer. 

After consecutive No. 1 country hits, “Nothing’s News” was his first single not to chart on top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

14. “Spend My Time”

From: Spend My Time (2004)

Black appreciates time well spent in his 2003 single “Spend My Time.” The singer said that the song’s meaning grew even more personal to him as he’s getting older, becoming more of a reflection on mortality and age.

15. “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

From: No Time to Kill (1993)

Black used gambling metaphors to describe what it feels to fall in love in the song “A Good Run of Bad Luck,” – wherein the narrator compared gambling to love relationships. It reached No. 1 on both the United States and Canadian country charts.

Clint Black’s Greatest Hits That Made Him a Fast-Rising Star in Country Music 

  • “Put Yourself in My Shoes”
  • “We Tell Ourselves”
  • “Where Are You Now”
  • “A Good Run of Bad Luck”
  • “Summer’s Comin'”
  • “The Shoes You’re Wearing”
  • “When I Said I Do”
  • “Wherever You Go”
  • “Untanglin’ My Mind”
  • “Half the Man”

So, which among these Clint Black songs are your favorite?


Clint Black

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