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“Walkin’ Away” by Clint Black, A Cajun Waltz with a Twist

"Walkin' Away" by Clint Black, A Cajun Waltz with a Twist 1
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From his platinum-certified album Killin’ TimeClint Black scored his fourth No. 1 song entitled “Walkin’ Away.” This song is also the fourth track on his best-selling record producing four chart-topping hits. The other No. 1 songs from his debut album were A Better Man,” “Nobody’s Home,” and the title track “Killin’ Time.” Earlier this year, the singer celebrated the album’s 28th anniversary since becoming No. 1 on the chart. In an interview, the singer shared some significant tidbits about the creation of “Walkin’ Away” which is a waltz-inspired song.

The Cajun Waltz Song

For this single, Black again enlisted the help of his long-time songwriting buddy, Hayden Nicholas. His drummer, Dick Ray, also played a role in the writing of the song. Initially, as Black recalls, he and Nicholas thought of writing a song that incorporates Cajun waltz.  But at the same time, that should also have a feel of the traditional country music. Recognizing that there are a lot of waltzes existing in the country music genre, Black thought of putting a twist on his song by incorporating his specialty. Doing so would somehow make the output unique and the singer succeeded on this idea.

Upon the song’s release in February 1990, many of his fans instantly liked the song. Hence, it went all the way to No. 1 on the country chart. The song is almost three-decade-old now and Black has already recorded many newer songs. However, “Walkin’ Away” is one of his classic hits that still resonates with his fans.

It’s the people who want love and
The people who need love
Who find love on the way
I’ll be lookin’ for someone ’til I find the right one
Then I won’t be walkin away

Listen to Clint Black’s “Walkin’ Away” below.

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Clint Black, Hayden Nicholas, Killin' Time, Walkin' Away

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