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Eight Interesting Facts About Barbara Mandrell That You Should Know

Nothing beats the originals. During her time in the 1900s, Barbara Mandrell was considered among the country’s most successful music artists. Throughout her career, she had many hit songs that landed her to have numerous number-one singles, specifically six of those. And more than twenty top-ten singles to reach the Billboard country songs chart. 

Unlike most country music artists, she also has her own prime–time television shows that feature a variety of content like music, dance, and even skits. And due to her undeniably overflowing charisma and talent, she was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for three consecutive years.

There is no doubt that due to her talent, she stands out from many. So here are some interesting facts about her. 

1. She Is Quite the Musical Prodigy

In relation to her musical abilities, PBS called Barbara Mandrell a “genuine prodigy.” Even at such a young age, she can play a variety of instruments that most people cannot. Due to this skill, every great Barbara Mandrell songs was born. 

2. She Was Discovered at The Age of 13

She began receiving steel guitar lessons from her father’s friend while she was still in elementary school. So when they went to a music trade exhibition in Chicago. She performed the steel guitar during a program. Joe Maphis, a country artist, heard her and was the one who helped her establish her early musical career.

3. She Is a Multi-Media Star

She was not just a musician but also an author and an actress. She appeared in the holiday special Skinflint: A Christmas Carol. And was even part of movies like “The Wrong Girl” and “Concrete Cowboys.”

4. She Is a Hall of Famer

She was honored at the Country Music Hall of Fame for her contributions to the industry in 2009. And there is no question why since she literally deserves it.

5. She Was Caught in A Deadly Accident

Mandrell, alongside her two children, were involved in a car accident in 1984. Mandrell had significant injuries in the incident, including a concussion that caused temporary brain damage. Her injuries from the incident caused her to experience agony throughout her body for months.

6. She Sold All of Her Instruments

Even if it’s unbelievable, Mandrell sold all of her musical instruments once she retired. Since she now pledges to devote her time to her family.

7. Smoking Made Her Stand Out

Mandrell’s singing voice has also sparked a lot of people. Many people believe her smoking habits made her voice stand out. Her deep voice’s raw edges crackled with R&B flourishes and gospel intensity, making each song she sings breathtaking. 

8. Her Husband Was Once Her Drummer

Mandrell has been married to Ken Dudney, who was hired as the drummer for Mandrell’s family band at first. Unlike other couples, their relationship started off quite differently since Dudney was actually in a relationship with another woman. However, he can’t fight off the feelings he has for Mandrell, so it led him to call off the engagement with his ex-girlfriend and pursue Mandrell instead. There is no doubt true love is indeed unstoppable. 

If you’re looking for songs from an OG artist, Barbara Mandrell is unquestionably one of the most remarkable musicians in country music you should check out. We hope you learned something new about Barbara Mandrell from this facts list. Feel free to share them with others.


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