July 30

Ben Haggard Debuts new song “As Haggard as They Come” at the Opry


Ben Haggard is following the footsteps of his father. He is the youngest son of the legendary country artist, Merle Haggard, and he might be the only one who will be pursuing country music. Watch as he debuts his new song “As Haggard as they Come” at the biggest stage of country music.

ben haggard, new song
via Ben Haggard’s Official Facebook page

Ben Haggard’s Performance at the Opry

All country singers aspire to perform at the prestigious stage of the Grand Ole Opry. If you haven’t listened to the singer yet, check out some of his songs here. Ben Haggard sings just like any traditional country artists. What we like about the singer is his traditional way of singing country music. Just like his father, Ben’s music represents the good old country music that we love.

The singer has been preparing for his performance at the Opry. In fact, he started to play for Hag’s band when he was 15. He has been the lead guitarist of the band for the last 8 years. His amazing guitar-playing skill was showcased in his performance.

Ben recalls the last advice his father gave to him:

“You’d be an idiot not to take my guitar and my bus, not to sing my songs for as long as you can… Go out there and play until there’s nobody to play to.”

ben haggard, new song
via Screengrab from YouTube

About Ben’s New Song

The song is a tribute to Ben Haggard‘s late father. There are references to him and his childhood. The track’s title “As Haggard as the Come” is a brilliant wordplay of their last name. The singer tells the reason why he is tired all the time. He is attributing all of his traits to his father and one might even say that he misses him.

Listen to Ben Haggard’s new song:

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as haggard as they come, ben haggard, debut song, Grand Ole Opry

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