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Latest Stories

Ben Haggard + Where No One Stands Alone

Ben Haggard’s Powerful Performance Of “Where No One Stands Alone”

Elvis Presley's classic song “Where No One Stands Alone” is one of the hardest songs to cover, but Ben Haggard did it justice with his powerful voice. 

Ben Haggard + As Haggard as They Come

Meaning Behind Ben Haggard’s Song “As Haggard as They Come”

Here’s everything you need to know about Ben Haggard’s new song “As Haggard as They Come.”

Ben Haggard + Footlights

Ben Haggard’s “Footlights” Rendition: A Heartfelt Homage To His Father’s Legacy

Ben Haggard, the son of the legendary country singer Merle Haggard, performed his father’s song “Footlights” in collaboration with Fender.

Noel Haggard & Ben Haggard The Runnin' Kind I'm A Lonesome Fugitive

Merle Haggard’s Sons, Noel and Ben, Share the Stage To Honor His Legacy

Merle Haggard’s sons, Noel and Ben, shared the stage for a duet cover of “Running Kind” and “I’m A Lonesome Fugitive.” Watch the performance here.

Ben Haggard + It's All In The Movies

Ben Haggard Pays Tribute To His Dad With A Cover Of His No. 1 Single “It’s All in the Movies” 

Country Family Reunion featured Ben Haggard singing “It’s All in the Movies” in a live tribute album for his dad, Merle Haggard. 

Ben Haggard + Sing Me Back Home

Ben Haggard’s Rendition Of “Sing Me Back Home” Is Like Hearing The Hag Again

Merle Haggard’s “Sing Me Back Home” is revived by his son Ben Haggard, and it is like hearing the original version. Check out his version here.

Noel Haggard & Ben Haggard The Runnin' Kind I'm A Lonesome Fugitive/All In The Movies

Ben Haggard and Noel Haggard Performed Merle’s Hits As Tribute

Merle Haggard’s sons, Ben Haggard and Noel Haggard, delivered a stunning performance of The Runnin’ Kind and I’m A Lonesome Fugitive.

10 Ben Haggard Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Here Are 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Ben Haggard

Get to know more about Ben Haggard. He has made a name early in the country music arena as the youngest son of the late country star Merle Haggard.