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Get To Know Annie D’Angelo – Willie Nelson’s Supportive Wife


No one knows an unhappy marriage better than country music legend Willie Nelson. The legendary country musician has been through three marriages ending on a bitter note. Luckily, his fourth and current wife Annie D’Angelo seems to be his perfect match.

Annie D’Angelo was born on August 27, 1956, making her 63-years-old. Though not much has been known about her personal life, we made a little bit digging and here’s what we found out.

annie d'angelo and willie nelson

She Made A Prominent Career as a Makeup Artists

Annie was making a prominent career as a makeup artist for films and TV when she was young. She has been credited as a makeup-artist for well-known productions like Bachelor’s Party, Hot Pursuit, The Rosary Murders, and Gleaming the Cube. 

In 1986, country music legend Willie Nelson’s wife Annie D’Angelo was hired to work as a makeup artist for the film Stagecoach where she met his husband. The movie starred Nelson along with Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash!

She Got Hitched With Willie Nelson in 1991

After dating for several years, Annie D’Angelo tied the knot with Willie Nelson on September 16, 1991, at Nashville’s St. Alouin Church. They’ve been together ever since, sharing almost three decades of ups and downs.

Country music legend Willie Nelson credits his previous marriages for teaching him how to finally make one that lasts forever. The country superstar said that his marriage with Annie works because, “well, I now understand a lot more than I did.”

Willie Nelson also admits that he is challenging to live with. “I’m pretty temperamental, you know,” he told Parade as to why there has been friction with his previous wives. Plus, he’s been used to doing things his own way for so long that he’s no longer interested in any suggestions,

“But it seems like Annie and I did okay with each other. It takes a special person to live with me,” he added. Guess the two really found the perfect pair in each other.

She’s Been With Nelson ‘Through Thick & Thin’

During the 2012 interview with country music legend Willie Nelson, the singer was asked if Annie D’Angelo was “the real love of [his] life,” to which he jokingly answered, “well, for the moment she is.” Nelson admitted that Annie D’Angelo has been with him through thick and thin — “you can’t ask for anything more than that!”

She has been with him during Nelson’s darkest moment in his entire life when his son, Billy, committed suicide. Billy was found dead and hanging from a cord in his home in Davidson County, Tennessee, on a Christmas Day in 1991.

Annie D’Angelo has also been Willie Nelson’s support system when the country music legend settled a $16.7 million tax bill with the IRS and paid it off by 1993. Nelson’s tax troubles are as legendary as his career. It is one of the most high-profile tax cases in music history. 

In 1990, the feds raided Willie Nelson’s home and took everything he owned, including his Pedernales Country Club and Recording Studio; his Dripping Springs ranch; twenty other properties in four states; and most of his instruments, recordings, and memorabilia. All of Nelson’s seized properties were sold in an auction.

His wife Annie D’Angelo has been by his side to help him get back on his feet. Most of his properties were bought by his friends and supporters, who gave it right back to him.

She Has Been Credited for Being Instrumental in Her Husband’s Current Stable Life

After Nelson went through several rocky relationships, his friends have been crediting Annie D’Angelo for his current stable life. He now had fewer legal issues, and he is in much better shape. 

Willie Nelson’s wife Annie D’Angelo has helped him keep a healthy lifestyle. They’ve been swimming and biking around their second home in Maui. Annie D’Angelo even helped the country star cut back on his guilty pleasure, bacon. She has also helped reduce Nelson’s payroll. Unfortunately, there were people taking advantage of his generosity. “There were a lot of people sponging off him, even though he didn’t look at it that way,” Nelson’s close friend said.

She Released Her Own Line of Marijuana Edibles

Annie D’Angelo has been supportive of his husband’s marijuana advocacy, and she announced her own business, Annie’s Edibles. This is s a branch of Nelson’s cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve.

Annie’s Edibles debuts with artisan chocolates the first product and is now available in selected dispensaries in Washington State. According to a press release, these hand-crafted chocolates are made from natural techniques, while the chocolate itself is made from “consciously sourced ingredients” combined with low-heat processes that sustain the product’s raw qualities. The whole-plant extraction keeps the richness of the cannabis plant.

It is Annie D’Angelo’s goal to make “infused chocolates for people who want to enjoy gourmet cannabis chocolate in a controllable way.” She makes sure that her chocolates are suitable even to those with diet restrictions, whether someone is vegan, needs a low or balanced sweetener diet, has Celiac Disease or gluten allergies, or even those who have a low tolerance to cannabis. “They can still enjoy the benefits of my infused chocolates,” Annie D’Angelo’s said.

She Has Two Sons, and They Are Into Music

Annie D’Angelo became a first-time mom when she and her husband gave birth to Lukas Autrey Nelson on December 25, 1988. The couple was blessed with a second child, Jacob Micah Nelson, who was born on May 24, 1990.

Both Lukas Autrey and Jacob Micah are now musicians. Lukas has been a member of an American country rock band named Promise of the Real since 2008 and has famously worked with Neil Young. Lukas and his band also made significant contributions to the movie, A Star Is Born. Micah, on the other hand, heads the band Particle Kid

The two have also toured with their father on several occasions. In 2017, Willie Nelson, Lukas and Micah released an album titled “Willie and the Boys” that featured recordings they made through the years.

We’re pretty sure their mother, Annie D’Angelo, is beaming with pride.


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