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February 14, 2019


February 14, 2019


February 14, 2019

We, in Country Daily, remember Daryle Bruce Singletary’s passing on Feb. 12, 2018. He was only 46 and survived by his wife, Holly and children, Jonah, Mercer, Nora, and Charlotte. The cause of his death was unclear despite declared blood-clot. He was just found one Monday morning peacefully asleep on his bed.

© Daryle Singletary - Official-FB
© Daryle Singletary – Official-FB

Nonetheless, he’ll always be celebrated for his hits including “I Let Her Lie” (1995),” “Too Much Fun” (1995) and “Amen Kind of Love” (1996). We share his love for real and honest country songs.  Thus, we’re bringing back to the surface the song he was best known for, “Amen Kind of Love.” The said track, noticeably, got some streaks of Randy Travis and Keith Whitley, two of Singletary’s long-time idols.

Anyone in Need of Daryle Singletary’s Love Formula?

As detailed in this post, “Amen Kind of Love” is that type of love song that’s simultaneously romantic and spiritually inspirational. Moreover, it opens the door to the possibility of a heaven-sent or a divinely arranged union. Part of the linear notes endorses the need to be moved by the Holy Spirit even to something as specific as finding your mate. The concept may sound trivial or hyper-spiritual to the majority, but not to Daryle. Should you dare heed the advice, you’ll get the promise of a fulfilling romance once you meet the person God chose for you.

No more Kissing Frogs to Find Your Prince

We’ve heard it preached to death that when it’s time, the right love will find you. It just comes when you least expect it. As boring and rigid that may sound, it’s been proven true.  Understandably, it’s human to be anxious when you’re reaching the limit of your prime. Still, unless you live in a community where everybody’s married but you, relax. You’re not doomed. Neither let aging pressure you into manufacturing your own happiness.

All that said, got a song for your date yet? You won’t go wrong with this Daryle Singletary classic.


Daryle Singletary



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