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“Sissy’s Song” is Alan Jackson’s Tribute To an Unforgettable Woman


Country hitmaker Alan Jackson’s “Sissy’s Song” brought listeners to tears upon its release in 2009 as the fourth single from his album Good Time.

The heartbreaking hit was generally well-received by music critics! For instance, Karlie Justus of Engine 145 has given the song a “thumbs up” rating. She also said that “Sissy’s Song” was both “deeply personal and universally relatable” and showed Jackson’s sense of authenticity and simplicity. Lynn Douglas, reviewing the song for Country Universe, also described it as “a reflective and moving experience.”

A Song For An Unforgettable Woman

Alan Jackson explained the tragic story behind “Sissy’s Song” in an interview with The Boot in 2015. Written by Jackson himself, the song was a tribute to Leslie “Sissy” Fitzgerald, who worked for the country legend and his family every day as a housekeeper. The Jacksons grew close to Sissy and treasured her as a member of their family. Imagine how devastated they were when they heard the news that Sissy has died in a motorcycle accident.

“She was just somebody who was in our house every day … then, all of a sudden, [she was] gone. When people get old, you expect them to die, but it’s different when they are young, and it’s tragic like that,” Jackson said.

Originally, the song was recorded with only vocals and steel-string acoustic guitar. Jackson intended to have it played at Sissy’s funeral. However, when the people at Jackson’s label heard the song, they encouraged him to put it on an album. And the singer did just that!

“It’s a real special song for me. I recorded it for the funeral, but [producer] Keith [Stegall] and I went into the studio one day and put the guitar and vocal down. It’s just me and the guitar and the harmony parts. After some people heard it at the label, everybody wanted to put it on the album,” Jackson said.

The song perfectly sings of confusion, unbearable heartbreak, and the sad truth that death can often be sudden and without reason. “She flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels. By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees. And she walks with Jesus and her loved ones waiting. And I know she’s smiling saying, don’t worry ’bout me,” the song goes.

So get your tissues ready and watch Alan Jackson’s performance of “Sissy’s Song” in the music video below. We’re pretty sure Sissy is smiling from above for this incredible gift.


Alan Jackson

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