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Dolly Parton Joined Rory Feek On “One Angel,” A Tribute To His Late Wife, Joey

In 2016, the world mourned the death of country star Joey Feek after her brave battle with cervical cancer. But it was actually Rory who lost so much more – he lost a friend, a lover, a mother to their daughter Indy, and a bandmate to the country and bluegrass duo Joey+Rory.

Still, the one-half of the Indiana-native duo has found a way to get up each day with some hope and a smile on his face – and he does that by writing and singing again. This feat was heard clearly on his album Gentle Man, which he released in June 2021, marking his first project without Joey by his side.

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It featured “One Angel,” which heartbreaking lyric is beautifully blended with a somewhat uplifting tune, gently tied together by Rory’s tender voice. Rory and Joey’s good friend Sandy Emory Lawrence wrote the song as a tribute to Joey on how she bravely fought cancer and the chemotherapy and radiation she underwent.

Then, “The Unimaginable Has Happened”

Rory Feek teased fans with a new version of “One Angel.” “It’s the same song that I shared,” he said. “Only now, I’m not the only one singing it.”

Wondering who the other voice is? Well, it’s none other than the living country legend, Dolly Parton

A month after the emotional song was released, Rory shared the new version with additional vocals from Parton, providing harmonies and even singing a verse. Rory called Parton lending her voice to the song as “unimaginable,” something he and Joey could have never imagined happening.

Rory added that Parton was one of Joey’s musical heroes that inspired her to pack her things, move to Nashville, and make her mark in country music – just the way Parton did. Sadly, Joey never had the chance to meet Parton.

Anyway, you can listen to the poignant duet of “One Angel” by Dolly Parton and Rory Feek in the video below.


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