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Meet Paige Dunham, The One Who Helped Jeff Dunham Rise To Fame

Jeff Dunham is at the top of his game – on stage and off. He was back for his second special for Netflix called Beside Himself in September 2019. He has been continuously posting videos on his YouTube channel that his fans dig in. For more than 30 years, you could say Dunham has successfully become one of the most praised ventriloquists and comedians in the entertainment scene.

However, Dunham wasn’t alone on his way to fame. He had a dedicated woman behind him, who supported him in his every venture; that woman’s name is Paige Brown Dunham – his first wife.

Paige Dunham, born on Mar. 13, 1968, is an American executive producer and has been famous because of several hits of the films she produced. But despite being on the limelight, she still would like to hide her personal life from the media. Here are some things we know about her.

She Has Three Gorgeous Daughter with Jeff Dunham

Paige Brown first met Jeff Dunham at the Comedy Corner in West Palm Beach, Florida, and started dating in December 1992. The two got engaged three months after meeting, trekked to Los Angeles, and got hitched in May 1994. Dunham then adopted Paige’s one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Bree. The couple has two other daughters, Ashlyn and Kenna Dunham. 

However, Jeff Dunham’s time away while performing put a strain on the marriage. In November 2008, Dunham filed for divorce. Paige counter filed for divorce, and it was finalized in 2012, But Paige has kept the surname Dunham.

She’s A Key Player In Jeff Dunham’s Growing Success As A Comedian

Throughout their 14 years of marriage, Paige Dunham has been supportive of the comedian. He helped in writing materials, pitched meetings for show ideas, and ran the merchandise side of the Jeff Dunham empire.

In 1994, she also started the database for Jeff Dunham’s online fan club. The database became a key component to Dunham’s win during the 1997 American Comedy Awards, where the comedian won for Best Male Stand Up Comic. In addition to running the fan club, Paige would also put together newsletters. She also managed, and created Jeff Dunham merchandise, and introduced an online store.

The New Mrs. Jeff Dunham Sued Her In Bizarre Cyberpiracy Lawsuit

In 2015, Paige Dunham was struck with controversy. Jeff Dunham’s wife, Audrey Murdick, sued her for registering AudreyDunham.com, AudreyDunham.us, AudreyDunham.net, and AudreyDunham.biz.

According to the lawsuit, Murdick has asked Paige Dunham to transfer the websites, but the latter only responded with a demand for tens of thousands of dollars for each domain name. Murdick has asserted a cause of action of cyberpiracy prevention, with alleged damages up to $100,000 per domain name and a claim for unfair competition.  

Her Friends Call Her The ‘Marriage Whisperer’

Paige Dunham’s friends refer to her as the ‘marriage whisperer.’ Paige now dedicates her time to speak with other women going through a divorce. She gives advice based on her own experiences to help the healing process. 

Paige, with a net worth of 20 million, is actually very active on various foundations and charities. She spends her time on various children’s charities, teaching parents to show their children how to give back, just like what she has done with her three daughters. She has ran the half marathon in San Francisco to raise $6,000.00 for the National Institution for Mental Health. 

She has also held onto The Paige Dunham Foundation, a foundation she initiated with Jeff Dunham in 2006, and looks forward to continuing giving back.


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