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8 Facts About Mary Chapin Carpenter That You Want To Know

With only a few songs making it to the top country music charts, Mary Chapin Carpenter continues to produce, perform, and nail songs that resonate with the listeners. Let’s also consider her album Come On Come On, released in 1992, which was certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as quadruple-platinum. Pure talent? Of course.

Setting aside her tracks, let’s examine some facts about Mary Chapin Carpenter.

1. She lived in Japan for two years.

The Carpenter family moved to Tokyo, Japan, because Mary Chapin’s father was about to start his career as a magazine executive for Life magazine. They moved when Mary was about 12 years old, and they stayed there for two years.

2. She has a degree in American civilization.

Mary Chapin Carpenter graduated high school in the mid-70s and traveled to Europe for a year. She enrolled at Brown University when she returned home and graduated with a degree in American civilization.

3. She had to undergo surgery for an injury.

During her album tour of Time*Sex*Love, she suffered a knee injury and had to undergo arthroscopic surgery. She had to perform seated in all of her concerts after the surgery.

4. She was hospitalized after an album release.

In 2007, Mary Chapin released her first album with Zoë Records, The Calling. She wrote the entire album and co-produced it with John Jennings, an old acquaintance of hers.

Shortly after the release, she was hospitalized due to a pulmonary embolism. Mary Chapin had to cancel all her corresponding album tour dates that year.

5. Two of her tracks were inspired by her hospitalization and recovery.

In Mary Chapin’s 2010 album, The Age of Miracles, she wrote songs inspired by her feelings, thoughts, and emotions during her hospitalization and recovery.

The song “Iceland” talked about her loss, disconnection, loneliness, and darkness during her hospitalization, while “The Way I Feel” meant her holistic recovery from her suffering times. These are some of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s songs that have a deep lyrical meaning that makes you pause for a moment and ponder the things going into her mind while writing the songs.

6. She was an advocate for different causes.

Mary Chapin joined artists such as Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, and Bruce Cockburn in a benefit concert for an organization, Campaigning for a Landmine Free World. The organization dedicates to raising awareness about the remaining land mines in a war zone.

Habitat for Humanity also declared Mary Chapin as the Head of the Build Project. The organization aims to employ women to build houses for homeless people in the US.

7. She is the author of a newspaper column.

From December 2008 to March 2009, Mary Chapin was an author for The Washington Times column. She wrote about topics related to politics and music.

8. She is a five-time Grammy Award winner.

Mary Chapin already has five Grammy Awards under her name. She won the Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performace for four consecutive years from 1992 to 1995. Her other Grammy Award was for Best Country Album, with her album Stones in the Road, as the winner.

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Mary Chapin Carpenter

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