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June 16, 2020


June 16, 2020


June 16, 2020

Jeff Dunham’s wife, Audrey Murdick, has been mentioned on several occasions throughout the ventriloquist’s brand-new Netflix special called Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself. Naturally, we became curious about who she is, especially that she tried to remain away from the spotlight over the years.

Let’s get to know more about the Texas beauty here. 

She Married Jeff Dunham in 2012

The ventriloquist tied the knot with Audrey Murdick in 2012 in Santa Ynez, California, in front of 112 guests. “No matter what the day, we go to sleep laughing, and we wake up laughing,” the couple tells PEOPLE. “We can’t imagine a love any better than this.”

Jeff Dunham also debuted a trimmer figure during the wedding, thanks to his bride, a fitness model, nutritionist, and trainer. She put Dunham on a strict diet and workout regimen that helped him shed 25 lbs. in just three months.

She Sued Jeff Dunham’s First Wife in Bizarre Cyberpiracy Lawsuit

In 2015, Audrey Dunham sued the old wife of the comedian, Paige Dunham, for registering,,, and The ventriloquist’s wife sued her for allegedly registering those domain names before Audrey Dunham took the name in marriage.

“Defendant knew at the time she registered the Accused Domains, that Plaintiff would soon change her name to Audrey Dunham,” states the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also said that the new Mrs. Jeff Dunham asked Paige Dunham to transfer the websites; however, Paige responded with a demand for tens of thousands of dollars for each domain name. 

Hence, Audrey Dunham requested to restrain Paige Dunham from cybersquatting and unfairly competing with her with alleged damages of up to $100,000 per domain name, as well as a claim for unfair competition. 

She Has Switched to Vegan 

When Audrey Dunham left the competitive fitness world with strict, low-carb, and high- animal protein diet plans, “I found and fell in love with the vegan lifestyle.”

“Over the past ten years, I’ve fully immersed myself in all things food, and have had many culinary-related adventures. I earned a plant-based nutrition certificate through eCornell, spent a week training at the Culinary Institute of America,” Aubrey Dunham wrote.

She Has Her Own YouTube Channel Dedicated To Sharing Healthy Recipe

If you’re a foodie, then we highly suggest you check out Audrey Dunham’s profile. The former fitness model frequently shares healthy recipe videos on her YouTube channel as well as on her blog. She shares dietary expertise with her viewers, which does not only include recipe videos, but as well as tips and tricks on how to slim down.

“After working for years in the fitness and nutrition industry, I’ve learned that the best life is a balanced one. It’s all about good quality, healthy living, while always leaving room for fun and something sweet! I mean, what’s life without a little dessert?” Audrey Dunham wrote on her website.

“My goal is to simplify the vegan lifestyle through easy recipes, tips, and lifestyle tricks… Because we all deserve to live happy, healthy lives and enjoy delicious food while doing it!”

She Has Her Own Baking Company

Audrey Murdick recently started her own baking company called Peanuts Bake Shop, a line of decadent vegan and gluten-free cookie mixes.

“Every food product has a story. My adventures in creating @PeanutsBakeShop have been long and extensive,” she wrote about her company.

She added: “After all, you all have told me what’s important to YOU when it comes to cookies you make and enjoy (great taste, high quality and/or allergen-free ingredients, and a cookie kit that makes a great gift). I’m proud to say, I’ve done my very best to make all of your cookie wishes come true!” The shop was named after Jeff Dunham’s famous character, Peanut, who loves cookies.

She’s a Mother of Twins

A day before the comedian Jeff Dunham and Audrey Dunham’s third anniversary in 2015, they welcomed their twin boys, James Jeffrey and Jack Steven, into the world. “Born two hours apart and no C-section needed,” the ventriloquist told PEOPLE.

After giving birth to her twin boys, Audrey started compiling a list of tips and handy advice on how soon-to-be moms could “survive” motherhood with two or more babies. 

Jeff Dunham and Audrey Dunham’s twin boys, James Jeffrey and Jack Steven

“To all of the soon-to-be moms and dads of multiples out there: I have spent many hours creating the below list for you,” she wrote on her blog. “My hope is that my opinions and observations help make your first year with your new babies as smooth, happy, and stress-free as possible.”

The list contains advice on how a future mom can relax during the third trimester, how to budget money for multiple children, how to organize and prepare for the birth, and so much more.


Audrey Murdick, Jeff Dunham



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