September 2

“Lovin’ On You” Takes Luke Combs Again in Cloud Nine

Luke Combs may be a country music artist but he is a rock star when things boil down to the ranks. Getting recognized in the charts is something most artists struggle to achieve, but when it comes to this guy, being recognized is a walk in the park.

Consecutively and for the ninth-time, his singles owned the top spot for Billboard Country Airplay with “Lovin’ On You” adding into the numbers and the fastest one on Luke’s roster to snag the crown as it crushed its competition in only a 12-week span.

Marking a Spot in History

Remember when Comb’s “Beautiful Crazy” got him his fifth-consecutive top spot in 2019? We may think that he already made history being the first country artist to get five, but no, he kept going. In chronological order, here’s how Combs owned the Country Airplay Chart through his singles that hit the top spot.

His streak started with “Hurricane” but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as it was followed up by “When It Rains It Pours” and “One Number Away.” “She Got the Best of Me” got him his fourth streak. “Beautiful Crazy” engraved his name in history as it hit fifth-spot followed up by the classic “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and “Even Though I’m Leaving.” “Does to Me” became his eighth and finally, “Lovin’ On You” as his most recent chart-topper.

A Rocker in Country Music

“Lovin’ On You” does show great potential though, as it was co-written by the singer himself together with songwriters Ray Fulcher, James McNair, and Thomas Archer. This single acts as the fourth track in Comb’s 2019 “What You See Is What You Get” album which also was the first ranker on Billboard’s Country Album charts.

Combs expressed his delight in having the single and the album featured as he greatly respects the songwriters he worked with. He commended the ‘real-country’ aesthetics that his song produced because of their efforts towards his album. It was a honky-tonk kind of a song that emits a feeling that one is in throes of love.

As Luke Combs won his ninth-consecutive streak on airplay hands down, let us be excited to see what lies greater beneath his talent. He may be carrying an acoustic guitar on stage, but with the heights that he’s into now, he is indeed rocking the house down. If grace would allow it, we may actually celebrate his 10th consecutive chart streak next year.


Luke Combs

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