September 20

Lauren Marsh Joins the #MeToo Movement with New Single “Figurine”

Like other artists, Lauren Marsh, an indie-pop singer, who rise to fame with her EP Revival, also lends her voice to spread the word and to find ways to let people know about the #MeToo movement. This topic isn’t over yet, and we still have a lot to talk about the issue of inequality not only in country music but in many aspects of life. Many artists coming from different genres try to speak up for this movement, to voice out what they feel, and what should be done.

lauren marsh figurine silhouettes
Lauren Marsh joins the #MeToo conversation with her latest single “Figurine.” Photo via Lauren’s official Facebook page.

“Figurine:” Lauren Marsh’s #MeToo Story

Marsh’s latest single “Figurine” invites us into the world Marsh created to discuss what a woman feels. With carefully chosen words and the truth flowing out of her song, we couldn’t agree more that this is such a beautiful and moving single. She completely draws us a picture of how women are raised up, what they are supposed to be, and how men are supposed to treat a woman, a delicate, fragile being that only needs protection. Marsh wanted us to know that woman are not like figurines. Women are strong, inspiring, and also the future. She wants us to move past the history of how women were treated and push through a future where equality is embraced.

Here. It. Is!! ‘Figurine’ is out now on all music platforms✨🎵🎤Listen & Download: #MeToo #MeTooMovement Writing, recording, and releasing this song has been an emotional rollercoaster and process. ‘Figurine’ is about my own, personal #MeToo story from when someone drugged my drink in a bar in #nyc. My brother and my friend happened to be with me and got me the help I needed. I ended up being taken by ambulance to the ER. I am so thankful for all the loving, amazing people I have in my life and that I am able to share my story. This song is for everyone who’s ever been victimized, know that whether you choose to share your story or not, you are not alone. I hope that one day our society won’t allow people to be treated like figurines. I hope that one day people will only treat each other with kindness, dignity, and respect. 💗

Posted by Lauren Marsh on Friday, September 13, 2019

“Figurine” is the last single she released from her latest EP Silhouettes. Marsh’s newly released EP brings us one step closer to her life with songs she created that “explores the extreme highs and lows of life”

She wants her fans to get to know her story as well, and there is no better way than to share it through her knack in songwriting.

“Sometimes life gives you a sharp turn in the road. How you handle that turn can tell you a lot about who you are.”

If you want to get her latest EP, they are available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Her Rise to Fame

Marsh is born a true star. She rose to fame when she released her stripped-back EP Revival. With this, she was able to gain the attention of the record label FrtyFve. She didn’t only stop there, her original work “Dear Love” was able to accumulate a total of 7 million streams on Spotify. Now she is busy with her new EP and upcoming tours.

You can catch her live by dropping by on her website for scheduled performances and available tickets.


Lauren Marsh

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