March 27

Willie Nelson Sings “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

Who do you call in times of trouble and need? Do you call your family, friends, or your counselor? Did you also consider calling God? Remember, He should be your friend in times of need because God will always stay by your side no matter what happens. In line with this, go ahead and listen to the version of Willie Nelson of the gospel hymn “What A Friend We Have in Jesus.”

Willie Nelson, What a Friend we have in Jesus
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Home Page

The Outlaw Singer: Willie Nelson

He is one of the most sought after singers of his generation. Further, he is a multi-talented artist. Willie Nelson is an actor, producer, author, poet, and activist. Moreover, Nelson acted in 30 films, co-authored several books and was even involved in activism to stop the use of biofuel. With his success and contribution, he is one of the most recognized and respected icons in the industry. He started his career in 1956 and had a successful career ever since. Nelson’s greatest contribution is being one of the key figures of outlaw country.

Willie Nelson, What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/ Official Facebook Home Page

Anyhow, with his works and contribution to the industry, Willie Nelson was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame. His most notable works include “Bloody Mary Morning,” “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” and “Good Hearted Woman.”

One of the Best Gospel Hymns

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is one of the most favorite gospel songs of all time. Moreover, this has been recorded by various artists and one of them is Willie Nelson. This was written by Preacher Joseph Scriven and it was originally written as a poem. And in 1868, Charles Crozat Converse incorporated tune to it. If you are down or lonely, go ahead and listen to the hymn. You will be amazed knowing that a higher being cares for you.


Willie Nelson

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