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“Crying in the Chapel:” A Joyous Song Covered by Elvis Presley and Other Artists

“Crying in the Chapel” has been one of the most popular gospel songs of all time, and it was made famous by Elvis Presley. The song was penned by Artie Glenn in 1953. He wrote the song because he wanted his son, Darell Glenn, to record it. After Darell recorded the song, he tried to publish it but it was rejected. Eventually, it was released to the public. Darell’s recording of “Crying in the Chapel” became a hit single for him, making it reach the top of some charts.

Darrell glenn crying in the chapel elvis presley
Photo Credit: Darrell Glenn/ hillbilly-music.com

Finding Peace with “Crying in the Chapel”

This wonderful hymn may sound like a sad gospel song at first. However, the words to the song actually point out to the happiness that the narrator feels. The tears flowing from the narrator’s eyes were tears of joy. He found happiness in the presence of God, in a place where peace of mind can only be achieved.

“Crying in the Chapel” indeed will help us realize that in life, no matter how much we search for something, God will always be the final answer.

Elvis Presley’s Version

A version of Presley was released in 1965. The song was actually recorded in 1960 but he wasn’t satisfied with the results. Therefore, the song was not released immediately.

“Crying in the Chapel” was released as a single first, and it earned Presley yet another song on the chart. Presley’s song placed at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, it also secured a spot on the Adult Contemporary chart. His single was later part of his 1967 album, How Great Thou Art.

Bob Marley’s Rendition

Aside from Presley, Bob Marley also recorded the song. Marley’s version is different from most of the versions of “Crying in the Chapel.” The song was first published with fewer copies. Then, it was reissued with an unlimited number of copies after others were looking for it.

Other Covers

Other artists who recorded “Crying In the Chapel” were Don McLean, Ella Fitzgerald, and more.


Bob Marley, Elvis Presley

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