February 27

“Foolish Pride” Leads to Unhappiness According to Travis Tritt

When we allow ourselves to be controlled by our pride or ego, there are things we cannot accomplish. There will be people in our lives we will lose because we don’t want to step down and make the first move. Pride can be defined in a positive way and also a negative way.

Foolish Pride Travis Tritt Ten Tall and Bulletproof
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“Foolish Pride,” The Song

One song in country music that opens our eye to the effects of pride is Travis Tritt’s single “Foolish Pride.” The song tells the story of two people in love, but are not willing to cave in to their emotions. Instead, they let their relationship be ruined, even if they still have feelings for one another. They let their pride take over what is right for them, and what could actually bring them happiness.

When you love someone would you let them slip away from you? Or would you let go of your pride and tell them how you truly feel for them?

Turn out the lights, the competition’s over
The stubborn souls are the losers here tonight
And while the bridges burn
Another hard hard lesson’s learned
As in the ashes, passion slowly dies
And this romance goes down to foolish pride

Chart Performance of Travis Tritt’s Single

In 1994, Tritt wrote “Foolish Pride” for his fourth studio album Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof. On the same year, he released the song as a single, and it went straight up to number one on the US and Canadian Country chart. Furthermore, it scored a spot on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart.

The Album

Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof reached number three on both the US and Canadian Country Albums chart in 1994. Tritt included “Between an Old Memory and Me,” a song recorded by country singer Keith Whitley, in his album. Aside from “Foolish Pride,” Tritt released three more songs from his album that have entered the Billboard country chart.


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