June 30

Sawyer Brown’s “Step That Step” Will Remind You To Slow Down

Out of the sixty singles the country music group released between 1984 and 2005, fifty-one of it have charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart – with Sawyer Brown’s “Step That Step” starting the dominance.

Founded in 1981, Sawyer Brown has definitely made a name for themselves through the years for their mark of pop-country songs. Their exposure to mainstream audiences started when they auditioned for the TV show ‘Star Search’ in 1983, where they took home the grand prize in the show’s vocal group category. 

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Soon enough, the band landed a recording contract and started their journey as hit-makers in the world of country music. They signed with Capitol Records – with their first single making it to the Top 20.

That breakthrough was swiftly followed by “Step That Step.” Released as the second single from their debut album in 1985, it became the first among Sawyer Brown songs to hit No. 1, not only in Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart but as well as the Canadian RPM country singles chart.

It was written by Mark Miller himself – a song about improving all aspects of your life by taking a series of small steps. We all know how important it is just to do things slowly, carefully, and deliberately, to take every day as it comes, before conquering the next task underway. Just like how you “take the bitter till you find the sweet.”

The song comes with a music video that was shot in Los Angeles, California where you will see Miller’s incredible moves – at the same time, will give you a major throwback to the past.

You can listen to “Step That Step” by Sawyer Brown in the video below.


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