February 22

Today is a Special day for Faron Young, It’s his Birthday!


Birthdays is one of the most fun events to celebrate, aside from the food and fun games. This is the time wherein a lot of family members and close friends gather. Further, this is the only occasion when a lot of people will be nice to you. Also, some people will grant all your requests. How about you, what is the most unforgettable birthday celebration you ever had? Or how do you usually celebrate your birthday? Do you always throw a big party? Anyhow, let us go ahead and celebrate with Faron Young because it’s his birthday today.

This country legend was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on February 25, 1932. Moreover, if he were still alive, he would have been 87 years old by now. Even though he is not around, Young’s legacy will always be remembered.

faron young, birthday, special day
Photo Credits: Faron Young/Official Facebook Home Page

Faron Young, the Singing Sheriff

He is one of country music’s most successful artists and he is also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Anyway, he was loved by a lot of people because he also has a big heart. Faron Young is one of the most generous people in the music industry. Young always helps his family, friends, and even strangers who are in need. In a statement from his close friends, they say that he always carries a hundred dollar bills with him ready to be given to whoever is in need. In line with this, he also helped some of his fellow entertainers have a spot in the industry and one of them is Charley Pride.

faron young, birthday, special day
Photo Credits: Faron Young/Official Facebook Home Page

Happy Birthday to Faron Young

Faron Young is a nice person but he changes attitude when he is drunk. But at least he still has his good sides. It’s just sad that he took his own life on December 9, 1996, using a 38 caliber pistol. Anyway, lets still commemorate his special day.


birthday, Faron Young

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