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The Sad Story Behind Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch”

The Sad Story behind Dan Hill's 'Sometimes When We Touch'

When it comes to serenading significant others, Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch” has been among the top song choices for decades. With intense and powerful lyrics that resonate well between lovers, this isn’t surprising. 

What came as a surprise to Hill, however, was the reaction of the woman who inspired his ballad. 

Here’s the sad story behind Dan Hill‘s “Sometimes When We Touch.” 

Hill reminisced the tale in an interview, stating he was “falling desperately in love” with a girl at the time he wrote the song. 

Growing up in a really suburban area in Canada, he had zero experience with girls. So he didn’t know how to deal with this woman, whose way of thinking both surprised and fascinated him.  

With his parents as his role models, Hill had always believed in monogamy. But the object of his affection had different views. She liked to date other guys alongside him and made it a point to inform Hill of how much richer, older, and established these guys were compared to him. 

This brought out Hill’s insecurities, but he didn’t back down so easily. He believed the only thing that would make this girl take him more seriously was a song that would have her swooning over him. Songwriting and singing were the edges he believed he had over the other guys she dated. 

Driven by love, Hill wrote what he referred to as “the most powerful song ever written.” He took great pride in his song, and that same pride prodded him to sing it to the girl he loved over the phone. 

He expected her to swoon. But what he got was a long sigh from the other end. She then told Hill that for a 19-year-old, he was “way too goddam intense” and that she was moving to North Carolina with a CFL football player. 

Just like that, she was gone, and Hill’s heart shattered. However, the song changed Hill’s life forever. 

What his girlfriend found way too intense at the time, later became a staple in radio stations, and in the sentimental playlists of millions. The song opened up great opportunities and made him an international artist. 

With lyrics that touched the hearts of many, Hill’s song even peaked No. 3 at the Billboard Hot 100

Listen to Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch” below.