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A 1970s Classic Love Song “Sometimes When We Touch” by Dan Hill


Sometimes when we like someone, we tend to keep it to ourselves for us not be rejected. But, what if we just keep it to ourselves and do not take the risk to confess our feelings to him/her? Will we be contented being just “friends?” Probably, my answer is no. I will not just stick with that if  I can have more.

But before anything else, let us first know if the one we want to be with is not yet committed to someone else. If then he/she is already committed, then it is better to forget the feeling you have with him/her than to destroy a relationship. This article shows a sad story about love through the song “Sometimes When We Touch.”

“Sometimes When We Touch”

Sometimes When We Touch
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Is a famous ballad song in the 70s written by Dan Hill and Barry Mann. Canadian record producer Matthew McCauley and Fred Mollin produced this song. It was then released on November 1977 as a single from Hill’s album, Longer Fuse.

Upon its release, the song ranked number 3 in the U.S Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 10 in the Adult Contemporary chart. Since it became a success, Hill considered the song as his biggest hit song.

“Sometimes When We Touch” has been recorded by some music artists like Tina Turner, Daniel Evans, Cleo Laine, James Galway,  Lynn Anderson, and many more. As they released their own version of the song, it became more popular all over the world.

Lynn Anderson’s Version

Sometimes When We Touch, Lynn Anderson
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Lynn Anderson recorded the song “Sometimes When We Touch” and was released in 1978 as a single from her album, From the Inside. Sadly, her version became the least successful in her career. Thus, From the Inside did not get a spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

About the Song

“Sometimes When We Touch” is for the people who wish to express their love for someone but cannot have them in their arms. It is like a one-sided love.

According to Hill, he was inspired to write this song when he was madly in love with a woman who cannot love him back. The story goes when the woman he was in love with was interested in another man. Knowing this thing will surely break a man’s heart so Hill wrote this song as an instrument to win back his woman.

After Hill wrote the song, played it over the phone, but sadly the woman replied and said,

“That song is just too intense for me. I’m going to the States with a football player.”

After the heartache felt by Hill, he moved on, changed his life and he was given great opportunities.

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