July 18

The Statler Brothers Delivered a Haunting Performance of “How Great Thou Art”

Ever since “How Great Thou Art” was published in 1949, it quickly became a worldwide sensation. Countless artists have covered the popular hymn throughout the century – this includes The Statler Brothers.

In 1969, the country music group included “How Great Thou Art” on their album The Statler Brothers Sing Oh Happy Day. The joy filled the hearts of many listeners that it ranked No. 39 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The Statler Brothers’ Performance That Will Take Your Breath Away

While The Statler Brothers have performed quite a lot of gospel favorites throughout their career, there’s just nothing like their performance of “How Great Thou Art.” Just like all The Statler Brothers songs, their incredible talent is just evident. The award-winning group really gave it all they’ve got in this one, and it’s nothing but spectacular. 

The timeless hymn was based on a traditional Swedish melody and a poem penned by Carl Boberg as early as 1885. It was later popularized by gospel singer George Beverly Shea and program director Cliff Barrows during the Billy Graham crusades.

Ever since then, there have been more than seventeen hundred documented recordings of the track. It has appeared on major television programs and motion pictures and was hailed as the favorite gospel song of at least three presidents of the United States.

Tune in below and watch this throwback performance of The Statler Brothers. Clad in crisp suits, they praised our Lord and told the whole world about His many wonders through the powerful words of “How Great Thou Art.” It also features original member Lew Dewitt before he suffered from heart and kidney disease that prevented him from touring with the group. It’s definitely one throwback you all don’t want to miss. 


The Statler Brothers

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