September 11

George Jones’ Tribute Song: “50,000 Names Carved in the Wall”


Country music and patriotism have always had a long history together. When the 9/11 attack happened, there was a resurgence of country songs about our faith in our country. George Jones’ track “50,000 Names Carved in the Wall” is one of the songs that make us weep because of our lost heroes.

The track was part of Jones’ 2001 The Rock Stone Cold Country album.

george jones, 50 000 names
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George Jones’ Rock Stone Cold Country Album (2001)

This album came at the same time when the attack on 9/11 happened. It was a very important time for the country as we all lamented the loss of thousands of people because of terrorism. Because of the said attack, the album was well received by the country fans. They have resonated with the songs that were part of the album especially track no. 4 which is “50,000 Names.”

The album peaked at number 5 of the country album Billboard charts, while the single “50,000 Names” peaked at number 5 on the Hot Country charts. During the recording of the album, George Jones shared his struggles with major recording companies. He did have a hard time because he had no control over his music and the money that it was earning. The sad reality about an artist’s life is that when they are signed by big companies, they are the ones earning the money and not the musician.

george jones, 50 000 names
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Remembering the Ones We Lost

As we commemorate the 9/11 bombing, we must ensure that the memories of the people we have lost live on. Just like what they did during the Vietnam War, there is a wall with more than 3,000 names carved surrounding the Twin Memorial Pools in NYC. We have all kinds of people who helped during the attack and we can use this George Jones song to pay respect to their heroic acts.

Listen to the song here:


50 000 names, 9/11 tribute song, George Jones

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