September 5

“Alan Jackson is the Blackest Name I Know,” says Josh Pray

As Michael Jordan is to the NBA, so is George Strait to country music. But as the NBA has a logo, so should country music and that would be Alan Jackson. This is what comedian Josh Pray conceitedly claims in his three-minute video on applauding the works of Alan Jackson.

Digging through the Country Gold Mine

Recently, Josh Pray’s works have been gold for all country fans out there. He began a series wherein he features country artists like Luke Combs, Cody Jinks, Riley Green, Tyler Childers, etc. and their works. He even commended Eric Church’s “Stick That In Your Country Song.” Out of the blue, he then noticed the musical works of Alan Jackson and the artist himself. From there, the goat of country music became a myth because AJ was turned into the main brand of the music genre.

But why would the Josh Pray claim that? Apparently, he’s taken a liking on Alan Jackson’s song ‘Chattahoochee.’ But who wouldn’t? AJ presented us with something unconventional, a country song mixed with a booty shaker, one that’s beyond the traditional Cajun-style music.

Chattahoochee Brings Goosebumps to Alan Jackson

If you ask Alan Jackson, he himself is extra afraid of singing the line wherein he mentions the title of the song. The reason? It’s homophonic to the word ‘hoochie poochie’ that is considered a bad word as is it was slang for ‘alcohol’ and ‘female genitals’. So he pushes the blame to his co-writer Jim McBride who he claims coined the idea. As for Jim’s defense, ‘Chattahoochee’ and ‘hoochie poochie’ may rhyme but it is never the same thing. That’s how it passed the parental rating guidelines of the radio.

“Alan Jackson is the Logo of Country Music”

Back to Josh Pray, the booty-shaker feel is what made the song legendary to the ears of the comedian. He even pushed to claim that AJ may have the blood of Black Americans because of their dominance on the said genre of music.

Well, we all know that the man who has the most swagger is always the one who will win home the bacon. And for Josh Pray, this was the uncommon appeal of country music to his audience as portrayed in Alan Jackson’s ‘Chattahoochee’.

Pray’s contents about country music is still a comedic gold mine for many country fans. In the process, he also found a gem and proudly shares the ‘innovation’ he found in the industry with laughs.


Alan Jackson, Josh Pray

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