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Brad Paisley’s ‘No I in Beer’ is the Greatest Crossover Yet


You might also have heard people say that Avengers’ Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in the 21st century. While that may be true, in terms of country music, the greatest one is still yet to come.

Imagine all of our favorite country legends teaming up to perform one single music video. With their varying styles and personalities, it’s more than enough to make the world go yee-haw. That, however, is no longer imaginary because Brad Paisley’s 2020 album, ‘No I in Beer,’ is going to prove that it’s not only a gimmick.

Released on July 29, 2020, Brad Paisley’s title single ‘No I in Beer’ shows that even we are amidst of difficulties, the togetherness of people; fans and artists alike, even if it’s virtual, is indeed unbeatable.

Edited by Paisley himself, the music video features 39 different countries and 255 fans who sang along and bounced off beer with a basketball. Artists Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Lindsay Ell, Darius Rucker, Brett Kissel, Peyton Manning, and Clayton Kershaw also became part of the music video, joining the vibe together with their admirers.

No I in Beer‘ Took On a New Meaning in 2020

‘No I in Beer’ was conceived in 2018 co-written by his long-time collaborator Kelly Lovelace. But as the world faces COVID-19, Paisley said that the song takes on a new meaning.

In the song, he also salutes farmers, first responders, and even truck drivers for their dedication in giving service. Not surprisingly, the lyrics from 2018 also thanked our nurses who now hold the frontlines in facing the pandemic. The song further emphasizes that because there is no U or and I in “BEER,” all things should be done as a team effort. 

Paisley Crashes by Fans’ Virtual Gathering

Paisley thanked his fans for letting him crash into their homes, birthday parties, and virtual get-togethers. He also thanked all the people who submitted their ‘beersketball’ challenge to become part of his music video. He admitted that the sudden change of pace has bothered him, but his fans were there to make it memorable for him.

“Here’s the video WE made. All in this together, indeed” he said.

No one made virtual meetings as fun as Brad Paisley did. Ironic as it may sound, but we are close as ever even we are miles apart. It’s the great ‘crossover’ with fans and their idols sharing the same stage and the same vibe.

“If we’ve ever felt unified as Americans, as citizens of the world, it’s in the fact that nobody loves what we’re going through, but everybody’s willing to do what we have to do. One of those things is, let’s be a team” Paisley said in the press release.