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December 9, 2022


December 9, 2022


December 9, 2022

Pioneers of country rock, The Everly Brothers, Phillip “Phil” Everly, and Isaac Donald “Don” Everly, were known for their guitar playing and vocal harmony. Their soulful voices had people dubbing them “the most beautiful-sounding duo” ever.

In this article, let’s listen to the pure talent oozing from The Everly Brothers songs.

1. Bye Bye Love

“Bye Bye Love” was The Everly Brothers‘ debut piece in 1957. The song written by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant was covered by famous artists such as The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and George Harrison. Don Everly came up with the song’s guitar intro, although it wasn’t originally part of it. 

The track reached the #2 spot on the US Billboard Pop charts and #1 on Cash Box Best Selling Record chart. Upon release, it peaked at the #1 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

2. All I Have To Do Is Dream

And after two takes, The Everly Brothers finished the recording of “All I Have To Do Is Dream.”

The song was released in April 1958 and featured Chet Atkins playing the guitar. The Everly Brothers’ song topped these charts simultaneously upon release: the Hot Country Songs, R&B, Top 100, and Most Played by Jockeys charts. The hit also became popular outside the US, staying on the UK charts for more than seven weeks.

In 2004, the track was awarded the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

3. Let It Be Me

Initially in French, “Let It Be Me” was a song written by Pierre Delanoë that became famous globally because of the rendition of The Everly Brothers.

The slow song talks about the desire to become the only one in one’s life. The message compliments the harmonizing voices of the brothers, making it a sweet serenade to the person you love.

4. Wake Up, Little Susie

There is no problem in reaching these heights even if it’s banned on radio stations.

“Wake Up Little Susie” might have been considered too suggestive during the time, but The Everly Brothers just made sure to give their best, their song eventually landing on the top spot at the Billboard Pop charts and Cash Box Best Selling Records chart.

5. It’s All Over

Released in 1965 from their album In Our Image, “It’s All Over” by The Everly Brothers features some changes this time. Phil is the lead vocals in the track, while Don is in charge of harmonizing. Don Randi plays the harpsichord in the track.

Reviews talk about how the harpsichord was in charge of the song’s pacing, creating a piece of dreamy yet heartbreaking music.

6. Crying in the Rain

The Everly Brothers initially recorded “Crying in the Rain” in 1961. The song was released in January 1962 and peaked at the #6 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Since the song’s release, several artists, such as A-ha, Tammy Wynette, Crystal Gayle, and others, have created versions of the piece. 

The song talks about hiding the pain of heartbreak by crying when the rain pours. Although the man still loves the woman after their breakup, he’ll never let the woman know about the misery that he’s feeling. That’s why he’ll wait for the skies to turn gray and eventually rain.

7. On the Wings of a Nightingale

Paul McCartney wrote, “On the Wings of a Nightingale” specifically for The Everly Brothers, which was released on August 1984. The song reached the 50th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song featured a moderate tempo with drum kicks, guitars, and the passionate singing of Phil and Don. 

8. Devoted to You

Boudleaux and Felice Bryant were the songwriters of “Devoted to You,” The Everly Brothers’ famous recording. The song was released in July 1958 and took its respective place on the US Billboard Pop, Hot Country, and R&B charts. The track reached higher spots on the Australian and Canadian charts, peaking at #25 and #1, respectively.

9. Mr. Soul

Buffalo Springfield, a Canadian-American rock band, initially recorded “Mr. Soul” and released it in June 1967 as part of their second album. Of course, The Everly Brothers took their shot at covering the song and released it on their 1984 studio album, Nice Guys.

The Everly Brothers’ version strongly radiates country vibes because of the plucking strings, the melody, and the vocalizing people in the background. The men’s voices go together very well. 

10. Ebony Eyes

Recorded in 1961 and written by John D. Loudermilk, The Everly Brothers took the 8th spot in the US Billboard Hot 100 with “Ebony Eyes.” 

The British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) first banned the track from the radio because of the uncomfortable feeling while listening to the song. It is because the song talks about a devastating story about a man losing his wife to an airplane crash due to turbulent weather conditions.

The Everly Brothers not only topped the song charts numerous times but also won the hearts of many. Their soulful singing led them to be inducted into four Hall of Fames.

If you haven’t had enough of their passionate and emotional music and renditions by the two talented men, here are some of The Everly Brothers songs that you must listen to:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Don’t Worry, Baby
  • The First Noel
  • How Can I Meet Her?
  • I Got a Woman
  • Just One Time
  • Muskrat
  • Paradise
  • Sweet Dreams


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