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The Blind Boys of Alabama and their Breathtaking Rendition of “Amazing Grace”

“Amazing Grace” is a popular gospel song, and there have been hundreds of covers out there that you can listen to. The melody of the song is simple, the words are empowering, and in combination, it’s a masterpiece created out of the author’s tragic past before meeting God.

Different Versions

In country music, some artists who are known to have performed or recorded the song are Alan Jackson, Elvis Presley, Skeeter Davis, Willie Nelson and more. Country stars are fond of recording songs about God, and they have also built a relationship with Him.

However, we are not going to check out these country stars’ version. Instead, we are going to hear a version from a group of men who are known as The Blind Boys of Alabama.

The Blind Boys of Alabama’s “Amazing Grace” Version

In 2003, The Blind Boys of Alabama released their fifty-fourth gospel album Amazing Grace. The album is made of ten gospel songs that included the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

If you haven’t heard their version, you must then take a look at this one. It’s surprisingly amazing.

Who are the Blind Boys of Alabama?

The band first began singing in 1939 at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in Talladega, Alabama. In the beginning, there were six members, and one of them has an intact sight. The members of the group often perform gospel songs, and they perform these songs at training camps for soldiers.

the blind boys of alabama amazing grace gospel song
Photo Credit: The Blind Boys of Alabama/ Official Facebook Page

Gospel to Blues and Soul Music

The first song they recorded with a record label was “I Can See Everybody’s Mother But Mine.” This song marked the beginning of their career as a group. They continued to perform gospel songs until they finally took in-depth performances of Blues and Soul music.

Current Members

The current members of the band are Jimmy Carter, Ben Moore, Eric McKinnie, Joey Williams, Stephen Raynard Ladson, Peter Levin, and Paul Beasley.


The band has already won five Grammy Awards and four Dove Awards. They also received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.


The Blind Boys of Alabama

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