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Gospel Song Saves Young Boy’s Life from Attempted Kidnapping

The story goes way back in 2014 when a young boy was almost kidnapped but he was saved by a gospel song. Who knew that this could happen to Willie Myrick, a 10-year-old kid who was just walking the streets of Atlanta, Georgia when he was approached by a mysterious van?

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Gospel Song Brings out the Goodness in the Kidnapper

We can all praise Jesus after knowing the story of Willie Myrick. He was kidnapped when a vehicle approached him and a man offered Willie cash. Being an innocent kid, he believed him and joined the kidnapper in his car. When he realized the situation he was in, Willie started to sing a gospel song called “Every Praise” by Grammy award-winning Hezekiah Walker. For almost 3 hours during the ride, he sang the song repeatedly, maybe with the intent to ask for the Lord’s help. Despite the threat that he was in, he still continued singing. 

He was not disappointed because this just annoyed his abductor and so, he released him. Apparently, the abductor opened the door and threw him out and was told to not tell anyone about it. The man is now subject to police investigations.

gospel song, willie myrick
via Screengrab from YouTube

Interestingly, Willie is born to atheists parents but that did not stop him for being a believer of the Lord especially that he lives with his religious godmother, Codetta Bateman. She helped him establish his religious beliefs, so instead of playing with other children, Willie spends most of his time reading the Bible. This is an inspiring story for people who think that our faith in God will bring us nowhere.

Willie also shared that his favorite scripture is Psalms 23: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”  He also added that God is his best friend and maybe that is why he was saved.

Listen to the gospel song that saved Willie’s life here:


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