October 11

“That’s Why I Farm” Validates 2 Timothy 2:6

“That’s Why I Farm” is a song released on August 3, 2015, in partnership with Beck’s Why I Farm Movement.

The Henningsens

The Henningsens is a country music trio consisting of Brian Henningsen, his son Aaron, and daughter Clara.

They released their first debut album “American Beautiful” for Arista Nashville in December 2012.

Why I Farm Movement 

Beck’s Why I Farm Movement is a movement made to show gratitude to the American farmers. It helps farmers by supporting, sharing their stories, and helping them connect to consumers. 

 “As a seventh-generation Illinois farm family, The Henningsens background allows the group to vividly tell the story of the American farmer in a unique way, through lyrics. It’s not only their personal experiences but those of every farmer.”- Scott Beck, president of Beck’s

“That’s Why I Farm”

The song is a narration of a farmer’s dedication to his work. They work hard but never complains. They don’t look at it as a job but a way of living. He has survived floods and drought because he knows that God has his timing. Most importantly, they will continue to work as long as they are able to because what they are experiencing now is just a preparation of God’s greater plan.

That's Why I Farm, The Henningsons 2 Timothy 2:6

2 Timothy 2:6

“It is the hard-working farmer who ought to have the first share of the crops.” 

As Christians, we also have to be like the farmer who should work hard according to what the Lord wants. We should refrain from complaining. Instead, we should aim for better results (harvest). We should work hard to achieve our goals.

The singers are talented. They have a unique way of inspiring people.

Thank you, The Henningsens. 

Thanks to our dear American Farmers!

 That’s Why I Farm, The Henningsens, 2 Timothy 2:6
The Bible. Image taken from Pixabay

Listen to the beautiful song here:



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