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4-Year-Old Kid Sings “Jesus at the Center” and It’s Adorable

Watching a 4-year-old kid singing a song to praise Jesus is just adorable. Their innocence of what is happening in the world is still there, so it is quite inspiring to see them already being taught how to be faithful and know that Jesus will guide us in life.

Videos like these help inspire more people to believe in Him because if a 4-year-old kid can, so can you!

4 year old kid, worship
via Screengrab from Facebook

4-year-old kid Praises the Lord

Age does not matter when it comes to giving praise to the Lord. What matters is our voice.  The video was posted on a Facebook page called Praise and Worship songs. You guys should check it out.

On the video, the little girl was seen singing and smiling at the same time. Although she did not sing the song on her own, she did perform like she knows what she is doing. At the end of the performance, she was accompanied by a group of women who were singing like a choir. The performance became more phenomenal with the back-up singers accompanying this adorable 4-year-old kid.

4 year old kid, praise
via Screengrab from Facebook

The Power of Worship Songs

Worship songs can be very inspirational. It was seen in the video that the kid was smiling through the performance. We all know that prayers work and all the more when we sing it with our hearts. Religion and faith always had a special place in country music and we love that about it.

Numerous country artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, and Josh Turner use their songs for praise because they know that they are inspiring more people with it.  That is the true power of worship songs and we could only hope that videos like this will inspire more people to do better and live the Lord’s way.

Watch the performance of this 4-year-old kid here:


4 year old kid, jesus at the center, praise the lord, worhsip song

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