October 29

Tanya Tucker’s Classic Hit “Walking Shoes”

Tanya Tucker has had a great career and it all started in her early years. At the age of 13, she had her first hit with “Delta Dawn.” With hit, she was able to sustain her career until today because of her relevant songs that deliver a good message just like her 1990 hit “Walking Shoes.”

What does this Tanya Tucker song teach us?

Sometimes, we get into a bad relationship and we feel like we can’t get out of it. There are several reasons for that and one major factor would be the time that you already spent with each other. A relationship is like a business model wherein you invest your time, money, effort, and love to someone and you would wish for it to grow. When it fails, due to many reasons, we usually try our best to save it. This is why people try to stay optimistic when they deal with huge problems in their relationship.

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What the song tries to remind us is that we have the power to choose. If we know that the ship is about to sink and there is no way to save it, we must find a lifeboat and save ourselves. The song “Walking Shoes” highlights our strength to walk away from something that is hurting us. There are just those people who will never change and the only way to deal with it is to remove ourselves from that situation.

Lyrics Breakdown

‘Cause you don’t treat me right
All ya do is make me cry

This Tanya Tucker track is an empowering song to all the people who are in a bad relationship. The song gives value to those who feel like they are not loved and that they have the option to walk away from a person who does not treat them right. There is no sense in staying in a relationship that does not benefit both parties.

A relationship starts with a mutual understanding and if there is no mutual love or respect towards each other then it is time to walk away. No one has the right to hurt anyone and this is all the more disappointing when the person you love the most is the one hurting you.

Listen to Tanya Tucker’s classic hit here:


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