Johnny Lee's Cherokee Fiddle


Arden Lambert


July 14, 2021


July 14, 2021


July 14, 2021

Have you seen a fiddle or someone who played the instrument? If not, allow Johnny Lee’s Cherokee Fiddle to share a story of a boy who loves playing the fiddle. 

Cherokee Fiddle was written by Michael Martin Murphey in 1977. This is the true story about a fiddler named Scooter who played the instruments for tips in Durango CO when the train came in filled with tourists. Murphey celebrates the fiddler’s talent through the lyrics, singing. But heartbreakingly, news reveals later in the song, the Cherokee fiddler and other street performers no longer play music anymore. Now street performers, like cowboys and Cherokees, have faded away into history. 

Then in 1979, the song was recorded by Johnny Lee as a soundtrack for the film, Urban Cowboy.

The singer was singing Cherokee Fiddle in Gilley’s bar. When Irving Azoff saw him and asked if he wanted to sing in a movie. He then recorded the song, and his version was included in the said film. 

Lee’s career skyrocketed after the movie’s success. His unexpected rise to fame began from having a good taste for music like it did from being at the best moment in the best spot. 

Cherokee Fiddle by Johnny Lee got a remarkable response both from the viewers and listeners. The song peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. And it also entered the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart at #24. 

If you like to hear how great country music was back in the day, this is the perfect song. It makes us wish to go back to the ’80s when country music was genuine. This is one of Johnny Lee’s songs that is so reminiscent. 

Watch the video of Johnny Lee’s Cherokee Fiddle and feel the country music vibe back then.


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