January 12, 2018

Our Kind of Country “THANK YOU, James Wesley!”


SUCH GLORIOUS A DAY IT IS once again! The sun’s out a-shinin’ an’ the sky is just the grandest hue of blue you’d ever see. And the wind… Blows the smoothest soothin’ breeze just right. Ain’t these things gonna put a mighty fine smile on yer face an’ jest make you grateful for this day? Heck, it shore would on mine!

YOU KNOW, MY VERY DEAR FOLKS, many a-thing could we be most happy about and thankful for. And just as I said before—even them not-too-good-stuff are things we could give thanks for… Thus, it would be my pleasure to share with you this little article of- and video about gratitude by James Wesley…

“From the fuel that fills your truck
To the coffee in your cup
Don’t thank the corner store
For that early morning rush…”

FOR THAT EARLY MORNING JUMPSTART and getting you where you want and/or need to go, who do you thank? Nope, not your banged up alarm clock! Ahehehe… Yeah your trusty ole’ boots… erm… may kinda come close (kinda) but not quite.

“Yeah I think back to that hayfield
Filled with girls and four-wheels
Sneaking off with her for that first time…”

NAHHH… ABSOLUTELY NOT yer Paw for his truck! Hahahaha!

I still believe in amber waves of grain
Man on his knees praying for rain
That grew this country strong
And keep us moving on
They get tougher as their lives keep gettin’ harder
Oh I think it’s time…

TOGETHER WITH JAMES WESLEY, WE ALL THANK A FARMER! Yessir! We all should! “From the blacktop roads you ran that used to be his land. To big cities and small towns that he built with his two hands, you can Thank A Farmer. And for this shirt on my back and these boots on my feet. And them tank top wearin’ country girls and them old skin-tight blue jeans, we could go ahead and THANK A FARMER.”

YEP, GO A-HEAD and Thank A Farmer TODAY!

HAVE A BLESSED and wonderful day y’all an’, as ALWAYS,




james wesley, thank a farmer

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