October 15

Taylor Swift’s Opening Performance with “I Did Something Bad”

The talk of the town was the most recent “American Music Awards” that happened last October 9, 2018. Thus, everybody is talking about the celebrities who attended, the best dressed, the artists who won the awards and most of all the performances. In addition, one of the most controversial performances in the AMA’s is from Artist of the year, Taylor Swift.

Some critics were stunned and impressed while other can’t help to raise their eyebrows. Come on, why can’t you love the performance? For me, it’s hot and fierce.

“Gathering of the Stars”

American Music Awards” was created by Dick Clark in 1973 and it is an annual event wherein artists win in terms of polls from the public and the fans. Then, if they want their artist to win, they need to vote via AMAs website. Anyhow, it is a prestigious event wherein the biggest names in the Music Industry will be in one place. Wow! Wouldn’t it be nice to go there and ask for autographs? Well, without the screamin’ of course.

Anyway, The AMAs is essential to the music industry because it’s like a prize for a job well done. Once they bring home the bacon, then they need to work hard to get the prize next year. Other artists will use the opportunity in performing at the said event to promote their new song like the controversial Taylor Swift.

“The Big Snake”

We all know that Swift is one of those artists with controversy because of her transition from country genre to pop. Further, her album reputation which other critics say has hidden meanings. Well, that’s Taylor Swift, she will not settle for ordinary. Again, she did make another buzzing controversy with her opening performance at the AMAs. The “Artist of The Year” performed her song “I Did Something Bad” which was included on her album “Reputation.” Lyrically, the song talks about being satisfied with what she had and not listening to her critics.


In my opinion, her performance was fierce; it’s like she brought her Reputation tour to the AMAs. Further, the production was great, the dancers, the special effects, feels like attending her concert. But the eye catcher of the night was the big snake on the stage. Others think of it as a satanic or a cult symbol, for me, she just matches everything with the song and the stage production. Sometimes, we tend to overthink and give meaning to everything. But in fact, all she wants to do is to entertain.

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