November 3

Carrie Underwood’s “Southbound” Will Surely Be Your Perfect Summer Jam

Carrie Underwood’s “Southbound” is absolutely the perfect party anthem. The upbeat track was released as the third single from her 2019 studio album, Cry Pretty.

And it did well in the charts, reaching No. 11 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and No. 3 on the Country Airplay chart. While in Canada, “Southbound” peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Canada Country chart, making it her first single to top the chart since 2016.

Without a doubt, this easygoing, summer-themed party song quickly caught everyone’s attention. “It’s the first time in recent years that the Oklahoma native has offered up such a carefree track, and its good-time lyrics are all about pontoon-boat weekends, two-for-one redneck margaritas, tan lines, and cheap sunglasses,” said Sounds Like Nashville.

It’s The Perfect Summer Single

Written by Carrie Underwood with her producer David Garcia and collaborator Josh Miller, “Southbound” is all about people dressing up like they’re in Panama, getting tan lines, and drinking with friends out on the water during the summer season. 

“To get a little southbound, un-wound. Tennessee honey kind of buzz. Them south sounds up loud. Summer dripping off of us. From the riverbank to the Party Cove. ‘Long as it floats, we’ll rock the boat. And it’s all looking up when we get down. And get a little southbound, southbound,” the song goes.

“Southbound” was actually Underwood’s idea and was one of the last she recorded for her Cry Pretty album.

“At the end of making an album, you start thinking what are we lacking? What do we need? So, we get in a room, and I had the title. I was like, this sounds like fun, I think. We can do something fun with this,” the singer explained. Most of the songs on her Cry Pretty album were on a more serious note, weighty or much slower songs that she felt it kind of needed that fresh piece.

“It surprisingly took us a while to write it, but by the end of it, it was like, ‘Well, this is a lot of fun.’ I feel like everybody kind of gravitated towards that one when we were all done with it,” she added.

“I think we just kind of all had fun, wrote something that we all enjoyed,” Miller also said.

It’s Official Music Video Gave a Rare Glimpse Inside Carrie Underwood’s Life

The official music video for “Southbound” debuted on Carrie Underwood’s YouTube channel the same year. It gives a rare glimpse into how Underwood manages to perform, play with her kids, and have fun while doing it. 

The short clip is actually a compilation of her Cry Pretty 360 concerts and rehearsals. There’s even an intimate party with friends and family – grilling out at a sunny campsite and mixing some fruity drinks.

“I like when videos and songs kind of mark your life right then, because no matter what I’ll be able to look back on these videos and be like, ‘Ah this was during Cry Pretty Tour 360,'” Underwood said on why she decided to give a more intimate, behind-the-scenes look. “We do a lot of stuff that’s on stage, backstage, days off, which I feel like I would so not have done five to ten years ago. I’m on stage, no makeup; I’m in a soundcheck in sweatpants and a Mike Fisher t-shirt. It’s loose, and it’s easy, and it’s fun, and it’s just us.”

You can watch the heartwarming music video of “Southbound” below.


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