This another hit from ’76 was written by Red Sovine with Billy Joe Burnnette, Tommy Hill, and Dale Royal. This sad spoken-word is about a crippled boy. “Teddy Bear” pertains to that boy who used a CB (Citizens Band) radio to make friends with other truckers after his truck-driving father passed away.

This song is just one of many truck-themed songs of the “King of Trucker Music,” Red Sovine. Long before the internet was created, people were fascinated with two-way radio method of communication, and it became a nationwide craze back in the ’70s.

Maybe because of being very well written and of being a hit, the story of “Teddy Bear” has two sequels or two-part twos. Red Sovine was encouraged to record a follow-up to take advantage of the original song’s success, but he was not interested. He thought it was not good enough, but some people at Capitol Records thought otherwise. Capitol’s latest asset, Diana Williams released a follow-up song, “Teddy Bear’s Last Ride” the same year. The song detailed Teddy Bear’s death from a terminal illness that rendered him paralyzed. Just like how anybody will react, Sovine, allegedly outraged by the turn of events, released an answer to William’s song called “Little Joe.” This time, Teddy bear is not only alive, but he ca also walk again.

The maudlin tale made for a crossover hit, topping the country charts and peaking at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

We’d like to shout out for those who’re asking for Red’s songs, this is for you. Which sequel to Teddy Bear’s story is better, Williams or Sovine? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this song to other country fans to give back the memories from the song “Teddy Bear” by Red Sovine.