February 19

CHECK OUT: Reba’s ‘Stronger Than The Truth’ Title Track

“Stronger Than The Truth” is the upcoming country album by country sensation Reba McEntire. And, fans don’t have to wait till April to hear the title track!

Stronger Than The Truth, Reba
via Reba McEntire’s Official Facebook Page

The lyrics are poignant and upfront. And true to McEntire’s word, the song is very much deep into the traditional country genre, more than what we’ve heard from her from the past. The song features a down-tempo guitar track, the song tells a story about love gone wrong.

Now everything I thought I knew is walking out the door
There’s a bottle on the table tellin’ me the only thing I know for sure

Is there’s not a sound, a sound as loud as silence
There’s not a blade sharper than a lie
There’s not a low lower than being the last one to know
You got a brand new start with someone new
And there’s no whiskey stronger than the truth

Listen to the wonderful song right here!

Stronger Than The Truth

Stronger Than The Truth, Reba, Reba McEntire
via Reba McEntire’s Official Facebook Page

In a press release back in the fall of 2018, McEntire’s new album promised to be “probably the most country album I’ve ever recorded.”

“I grew up on an 8,000-acre family ranch singing at dance halls, honky-tonks and rodeos with my brother and sister. Stronger Than the Truth takes me back to that kind of country music that I grew up with. I haven’t gotten to do that in a while, so I’m thrilled to pieces to release this new music.”

“Stronger than the Truth” is set to drop on the 5th of April, just two days before McEntire is set to host the 2019 ACM Awards.

Track Listing

1. Swing All Night Long With You
2. Stronger Than The Truth
3. Storm In A Shot Glass
4. Tammy Wynette Kind Of Pain
5. Cactus In A Coffee Can
6. Your Heart
7. The Clown
8. No U In Oklahoma
9. The Bar’s Getting Lower
10. In His Mind
11. Freedom
12. You Never Gave Up On Me


New Album 2019, Reba, Reba McEntire, Stronger Than the Truth

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