January 17

Loretta Lynn Embraces the Topic of Death in “I’m Getting Ready to Go”

Death is a frightening topic. Most people do not like to touch on this subject because of their fear of this event in our life. There are plenty of reasons why we fear death. We search for answers on what will happen to us after we die. Are we going to be born again? Where would our soul be? All these questions do not contribute to lessening our fear, but rather increase it.

Whether we like it or not, death is a part of our life. We cannot run away from it. It has been there since the beginning of time. Some people may fear it, but there are some who have already accepted it. Those people who accepted death as part of their life tend to believe that God is the center of everything. They hold this thought that after death we will not perish but be in the Kingdom of God. If this is true, wouldn’t it be nice to have such faith?

“I’m Getting Ready to Go” Content

Many songs were written that speaks about life after death and God’s Kingdom. All of which reassures us that death is nothing to fear about. One of these gospel songs was written by Loretta Lynn in 1967. Her song “I’m Getting Ready to Go” shows us the joy a person felt, despite knowing she’s going to die, when God is waiting for her. She was never afraid as she was certain that her life would be better in heaven than on earth.

Yeah I’m a gettin’ ready to go to a place called heaven

I’m gonna praise my Saviour’s name everyday that I’m livin’

Glory hallelujah I’m not ashamed to let the salvation show

This old world’s just my dressin’ room and I’m a gettin’ ready to go

Accepting death is a process, but when we finally do, we won’t have to live a life of fear. Instead, we will surely be happy to live our days here on earth doing the things we love, praising God, and not fearing death.

Who Says God Is Dead!

“I’m Getting Ready to Go” was never released as a single, but was part of Lynn’s tenth studio album Who Says God Is Dead! The album includes eleven gospel songs where Lynn penned four of them. In addition, she included known gospel songs such as “The Old Rugged Cross,” “In the Garden,” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

Who Says God Is Dead! entered the Billboard chart at number forty-four.


Loretta Lynn

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