January 13

Thanking God in “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me” by Alabama

The song “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me” is a cover of Alabama from Bread and Butter’s ‘Johnny Appleseed Grace song,’ which was featured on the album “For Breakfast,” released in 2014. Interestingly, the song had something that inspired Alabama, a well-known country music band, to release their rendition of the song. 

The song was covered by Alabama the same year and was included on their album “Angels Among Us: Hymns & Gospel Favorites: Deluxe Edition.” Listeners did not only receive it well, but it was also one of Alabama’s songs that connected with them and reverberated, making it a hit for many.

It was said that Alabama included the song in their album due to its meaning. Now for those of you wondering what the song’s genuine meaning is. Don’t mind finding it elsewhere since we have your answer ready.

Meaning Behind the Song 

Gospel songs affect everyone differently, making us relate to them on an unexplainable deeper level. And that is how listeners are moved by the song “Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me.”

The song is about God, as indicated by its title. It is a song of admiration for the All-Mighty, who never deserts us despite our misdeeds’ severity. In this song, the narrator thanks God for being patient with him and for being the one person who will undoubtedly stay when everyone else perishes in times of difficulty. 

So, if you want to also reflect and thank God for what he has done for you, you should definitely add Alabama’s ‘Oh, the Lord Has Been Good to Me’ to your worship playlist. But for now, you can watch their performance down below. 



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