July 25

Walker Hayes’ ‘Fancy Like’ Has Him A Little Baffled By Its Success

There are definitely some songs that seem like begging for people to dance to them. We’re pretty sure you have at least one track that you always feel the need to show your groove. Well, country singer Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” is one such song.

So, it was no surprise when it quickly struck a chord with its audience. Can you imagine how it made a massive leap from No. 37 to No. 10 on the Hot Country Songs chart? It was absolutely impressive. Eventually, the song ascended to No. 1, marking his first leader on the chart. 

Truly, Walker Hayes came back stronger to the country charts after four years. 

The popularity of “Fancy Like” has soared high after a TikTok video of him and his eldest daughter Lela – dancing on their porch – went viral. Hayes recalled how he went out for a run after popping the video online – much to his surprise, there were already about 300,000 views when he came back. And it keeps on gaining views. “It was mind-blowing,” the singer said.

Story Behind The Song

But did you know the song came into being by a twist of fate?

Hayes wrote “Fancy Like” with Cameron Bartolini, Josh Jenkins, and Shane Stevens, who was actually supposed to write with someone but arrived early by mistake that he just decided to join Hayes’ group. 

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The four talented writers were brainstorming ideas, from sharing their own stories of faith and God’s grace to how people often have mistaken beliefs about artists — like they are all flying on jets, living in big mansions, or driving fancy cars. It was then that Jenkins coined the term “fancy like” in the middle of their conversation. The rest was history!

The song was then released as the lead single from Hayes’ EP Country Stuff. And just like that, it turned out to be the biggest hit among Walker Hayes’ songs.

Make sure to listen to “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes in the video below.


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