April 29

Greeting Willie Nelson A Happy Birthday


Photo Credit: Willie Nelson / youtube.com by screengrab
Photo Credit: Willie Nelson / youtube.com by Screengrab

Willie Nelson’s Lifestyle

Willie Hugh Nelson also known as “Red Head Stranger” was born on April 29, 1933, at Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. After his parents split, he and her sister Bobbie were raised by their grandparents. At the age of six, he was given a guitar and by the age of seven, he already penned his first song. Moreover, Willie Nelson learned to play guitar from his grandfather at the age of ten and began performing.

In 1973, Nelson began to make his name known in Nashville. He then signed an almost $25,000 contract with Atlantic’s country branch in Music city and had two successful records named Shotgun Willie and Phases and Stages.

Nelson is one of the most significant musicians and a songwriter. Overall, he has won thirteen Grammy awards which includes seven American Music Awards, ten Country Music Association awards and five Academy of Country Music Awards.


“On the Road Again”

“On the Road Again” is a song written by Willie Nelson. It was then released August 1980. The story behind the song is that an executive producer of the film “Honeysuckle Rose” approached him about writing a song for their film soundtrack. It became Western’s number one hit overall in November 1980 and became Nelson’s most insignificant tune.

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” was originally written by Fred Rose and originally recorded by Roy Acuff. Willie Nelson released his own version to the song in May 1975, and luckily people found it more interesting. Moreover, the song was discovered and went all the way to the top most played songs.

If you want to know more about Willie Nelson feel free to visit his Facebook page and Instagram account.


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