If you listened to the song by heart, then for sure, it did stir your soul. On top of the band members’ fantastic vocals, the song’s message is truly heart-piercing. Let’s try to look into some information relative to the song that praises Jesus’ touch. “He Touched Me” is the end product of Bill Gaither’s conversation with Dr. Dale Oldham during one of the latter’s evangelistic crusades. The two were having a discussion regarding the word “touch” and its frequent usage in the Bible one time. The preacher then opened the idea of writing a song about it to Gaither which he did. The next thing that happened was that the song touched many artists and began recording it. Probably, the most popular of them was Elvis Presley’s cover. His version was the title track of his album He Touched Me that won a Grammy Award in 1972. Because of his cover’s popularity, crowned 1973 Miss America Terry Meeuwsen performed it during the talent portion of the pageant. More other recordings of the song came out after Presley’s.

The Power of Jesus’ Touch

During Jesus’ ministry on earth, the Bible mentioned many instances whereby Jesus’ touch has performed miracles. He touched people’s ill bodies and they were healed. In addition, he touched many lives and they were changed. Also, Jesus’ touch is alive as it has the ability to bring back to life a dead body and a spirit. Indeed, there is power in Jesus’ touch. What about you folks, do you have any experience relative to Jesus’ touch? It is our pleasure to hear your thoughts on the comment section. Also, please do not forget to hit the like button and share this with other fans of country music. And, for your utmost reading pleasure and entertainment, you may visit our website at https://www.countrythangdaily.com/ or like and follow us on Facebook, Country Daily.