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March 6, 2019


March 6, 2019


March 6, 2019

If you’re from Texas, you probably heard of this artist by the stage name of Possessed by Paul James. And, if you’re a fan of folk, country, or bluegrass music, you will certainly love this artist.

Possessed by Paul James, Konrad Wert, One-man folk wonder
Photo credit: Possessed by Paul James Official Facebook Page

Who is Possessed by Paul James?

He is Konrad Wert in real life and was originally from Lee County, Florida. However, he now lives with his family in Texas where he entertains people with his music. Interestingly, PPJ does not focus on a single genre only. His music is also distinct in the sense that it incorporates a string of instruments like the fiddle, banjo, and guitar. Moreover, the lyrics to his songs heavily drew from the roots of folk, blues, and punk. Putting all of these together makes PPJ’s music unique. And this is what he brings to his audience during tours, concert shows, and even to his recordings.

His Breakthrough Album

PPJ began his singing career in 2005. He currently has six albums released on various record labels. His debut and eponymous album, Possessed by Paul James, came out in 2006 under SYA Records. However, it was his latest project There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely that has the greatest impact on his career. The album is also considered his most commercially successful record to date. Released under the Hillgrass Bluebilly Records at the end of 2013, the album debuted at No. 12 on Billboard’s Country/Bluegrass genre. This was the first time ever that PPJ had a charting release.

Possessed by Paul James, Konrad Wert, One-man folk wonder
Photo credit: Possessed by Paul James Official Facebook Page

Additionally, the album and its tracks were featured in various entertainment networks like CMT, MTV, and the National Public Radio. This helped the singer gain more popularity and wider audience reach for his music. It also led to his becoming one of the top concerts at the Pickathon Music Festival of Oregon in 2014. Also, the New York Times dubbed PPJ as a “one-man folk wonder.”

Watch PPJ’s live performance of his track “There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely” from the album of the same name below.

Meanwhile, his 2010 album entitled Feed the Family received an Americana Album nomination. It also won the Alternative Country Album award at the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards.

Ongoing Projects

Aside from spending his time creating music, PPJ has also worked in social services and education. He spent almost two decades serving this sector. After that, the singer, together with his family, decided to focus on having tours that center on social advocacy in the public or special education and arts outreach areas. The family strongly believes in the “bond between the world of music performance and the world of social justice.” It’s what they wish to achieve with their hard work in the near future.

You can check out some updates on his activities through his Facebook page or you can visit his website to know more about him.


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