September 26

WATCH: Nicole Rayy Releases a Music Video for Brand New Single “Unfinished”

Nicole Rayy graced the country music stage armed with her versatile voice and the undeniably perfect blend of multiple genres all rolled into one. The Canadian-country singer-songwriter-musician is a dynamic powerhouse that is forced to be reckoned with.

Nicole Rayy, Unfinished, Rayy, Nicole, Music Video
via Nicole Rayy’s Official Website

2012 was the first time we’ve heard of her and the Canadian Country music scene has not been the same since then. Starting with her debut EP Only Everything, she showcased her diverse range as well as her ability to convert raw emotion through her songs.

Now, she’s released a brand new music video to go with her new single “Unfinished!”

Nicole Rayy’s New Music Video

Nicole Rayy, Unfinished, Rayy, Nicole, Music Video
via Front Porch Music

“Unfinished” narrates a story of an ‘unfinished’ love story and the music video compliments it perfectly. In spite of its lyrics tugging at heartstrings, the song contrasts its vibe. It’s catchy, hooked in strong country elements with a dab of both rock and pop elements. The backing track is catchy, and Rayy’s voice rises to the top effortlessly. It’s definitely a great song to jam to!

Nicole Rayy, Unfinished, Rayy, Nicole, Music Video
via Nicole Rayy’s Official Website

According to an interview with Front Porch Music, the inspiration of this song comes from a place of heartbreak, and it is certainly a personal place for her.

“[…] it’s pretty much word for word my life experience. I was with a guy back when we were 18 and we dated for just over a year, we eventually broke up and went our separate ways, but I always felt a tie to the relationship, that our story was unfinished. Four years later and we are back in each other’s lives writing the rest of our story together.”

Her distinctive style is what sets her apart in the industry, and the fact that she refuses to compromise on the raw, emotional honesty of her lyrics is truly magical. Stay tuned for a brand new album coming sometime soon!

Watch the amazing music video here!


Nicole Rayy

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