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The Anderson Family: Keeping the Traditional Bluegrass Sound

Being in a family of musicians is a privilege and it’s a plus if you can also sing. Anyhow, there are numerous families in country music who are very talented. Some of them are the Judds, the Frizzells, and the Carter family to name a few. Moreover, at this modern age, it’s hard to find a singing family who is keeping the traditional country music alive. But don’t lose hope because we have the Anderson Family who keeps the traditional Bluegrass sound in their system. Furthermore, this family displays how proud they are of their roots as they rock the bluegrass spotlight.

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Want to Hear Good Music? Better Listen to the Anderson Family

Their story started when the family moved to Grass Valley, California in 2001. This was favorable to them because the Anderson family lives near to where the California Bluegrass Association holds its annual festival. This family composed of four children who can sing and play instruments. Their parents must be so proud of them. In addition, they started playing together as a band in 2005 so they have been around for quite some time already. Due to their distinct sound, they became one of the crowd-pleasing groups.  Aside from the fact that they can all play instruments, they also insert impressive harmonies when they perform. That is one of their edges from the other groups.

Anderson Family, Bluegrass, music
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Better Watch Out for this Family

Since the band started performing at music festivals, they have been receiving positive responses from the crowd. They decided to release their first album in 2008 containing the audience favorite songs. Furthermore, their album was praised by the renowned critic Jon Hartley, saying:

“The Anderson Family is the rare band that sounds better and more musically together every time you see it perform. Every single time- even if it’s only been a week since the last time. The sky’s the limit for my young friends.”

Don’t forget that this family won the Best Bluegrass Band Award in 2008 too. I guess there’s more to come from them so better watch out for their upcoming performances.


Anderson Family

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