We don’t have to worry about what lies ahead of us anymore. We don’t need to be afraid of the future. Our troubles or problems don’t have to be bigger than us anymore. Do you know why? Because God has already prepared a beautiful future for all of us. When we reach the place that God has for us, we don’t have to cry, worry, or be afraid anymore. In that place, we will find the peace we all have been looking for in our life. Isn’t it great to know that peace is waiting for us at the end of this life?

“Peace in the Valley”

These reassuring words are also mentioned in the song “Peace in the Valley.” This gospel song was written by Thomas A. Dorsey in 1937. The first recording of this song was by Mahalia Jackson. After Jackson recorded the song, many artists followed her. Some of these artists were Jim Reeves, Elvis Presley, Jo Stafford, George Jones, Connie Francis, Dolly Parton, and many more.

Red Foley’s Version

One notable version of this song was by Red Foley. He recorded “Peace in the Valley” in 1951. The song became number five on the country charts. He was the only one who made the song enter the chart. Foley sold millions of copies of his single. Furthermore, his version became part of the National Recording Registry in 2006.

The Sunshine Boys Quartet became Foley’s background singers. The blending of their vocals was phenomenal.

Here, watch Red Foley sing “Peace in the Valley.”

What the Song’s About

“Peace in the Valley” is a gospel song written to assure us that despite all the hardships in life there will be a beautiful place for us. In this place that was mentioned in the song, everyone will experience equality, but while we are here on earth let us not worry constantly. Instead, we focus more of our energy on praising God.