November 8

Patti Page: One of the Greatest Novelty Singers of All Time

Oh my! To be honest, this was not my era, but I love the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s. Except for the 80’s because of the bad hairstyle. Anyway, one of the greatest singers that I’ve listened to is Patty Page. Like C’mon, how could you not love her? She’s really one of a kind.

“The Muskogee Beauty”

Clara Ann Fowler or commercially known as Patti Page was an American singer with her first hit “Confess.” Also, she had been a freelance singer back in her younger years. Page usually sang at a radio station, or in a bar, and she even toured with Jimmy Joy. Oh boy, makin’ money is tough. However, around 1946, the band separated and it became her starting point of a new career. She then sang in an orchestra group where she was discovered and got signed with Mercury Records.

“Mercury’s Girl Singer” was the company’s other term for Patti Page, well, I guess her title says it all.  Upon her breakthrough with Mercury, she was able to produce hit after hit songs. Thus, she was dubbed as one of the best novelty singers of all time, which is true. Even more, she dominated the Billboard Country Charts, and she was included in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. The best part is, she received a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award.

“Travelin’ Through Time”

Patti Page can be considered as one of the best-selling female artists of all time. I mean, she was able to sell 100 million records during her six decades in the industry. That’s a lot of hard work and passion. In addition to her success, “Tennessee Waltz” has been the biggest hit of her career.

Tennessee Waltz” was also dubbed as one of the 20th century’s best-selling singles. Even the state of Tennessee made it as one of their official songs. Patti Page was indeed a legend. Her significant contribution and influence to country music are unmatched.


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  • […] Patti Page decided to record a version of the song because it was her father’s favorite song. “Tennessee Waltz” was intended to be on the B-side for her single “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus” released in 1950. It was on the B-side because Mercury Records were betting for a Christmas Novelty. “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus” disappeared within weeks of its release. […]

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