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The Good Music is Gone: Patsy Cline’s “Tennessee Waltz”

Where art thou, good music? They seem to have flown away. If we will compare it to the ones that we have today, in my opinion, it is a nay! In addition, we have a lot of singers but most of the time, their songs are rubbish.

I grew up in a family where music is a part of our life. Also, my grandfather was a bad ass singer back then. Thus, he was singing in a local bar and met my grandmother.

“The Icon”

Patsy Cline was one of the Music Icons of all time. We can’t deny her exceptional talent. Further, she was the most popular recording female country singer in history. With her unique crying singing style, she was loved by the public. It’s just a tragedy that she died at age 30. Even though, she was voted in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1973.

Singers nowadays are so overrated unlike before that all you need to do is sing and showcase your talent. In the same way, Cline is a good example of a pure talent. She can move hearts by merely singing.

“Tennessee Waltz”

This masterpiece was written by Redd Steward and Pee Wee King. It was first released around 1948. Indeed, it was one of the best classic songs I’ve ever heard. Hence, the song was loved by the public and it became a multimillion seller via a recording with the version of Patti Page.

“Oh, I just sing like I hurt inside.” – Patsy Cline

Also, other versions of the song were released in various years and one of them was Cline’s notable cover. Her version of the song was the best, pairing it with her crying singing style. Furthermore, the song talks about a girl who was broken hearted because her friend stole her darlin’ while waltzing. Even more, the last two stanzas is about reminiscing on what happened that night.

The song was indeed given justice when Cline made her version. Lastly, we will encounter unexpected things in life, we just have to be prepared.

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