September 17

“Can I Trust Your Arms:” A Song Written By Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter


Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John Photo Credit: https://pagesix.com

Olivia Newton-John Vs. Cancer

In 1992, Olivia Newton-John was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought cancer and succeeded. Then in 2013, she was again diagnosed with cancer. This time Olivia’s cancer was found under her shoulder. She kept this a secret because she believed that it is her life and not everyone must know everything about her. She again beat up cancer and won.

Stronger Than Before Album

Since Olivia knew how it felt like to have cancer and how difficult it is, she decided to make an album dedicated to people who are fighting cancer as well. Furthermore, aside from the inspirational album that Olivia released, one of the songs in her album was written by her daughter.

Stronger Than Before is Olivia’s twenty-first studio album, wherein she included a song written by her daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi. “Can I Trust Your Arms” was Lattanzi’s gift to her mother. Of course, Olivia has a gift for her daughter too. Thus, she wrote a song with Victoria Shaw called “That’s All I know for Sure.”

None of Olivia’s songs made it to the Billboard chart but her album was able to secure a spot. Stronger Than Before reached No. 30 on the Australian Albums Chart.

About the Song

Olivia’s song “Can I Trust Your Arms” speaks about the power of trusting someone whenever you need them. The song reminds people to let things go and trust someone because sometimes we cannot do it on our own.

Olivia Battling Cancer Again

Last year, Olivia’s doctors found a lump below her spine and she is again battling cancer in a natural and modernize way. Olivia combined the two ways to treat herself from her cancer. She underwent radiation therapy and also changed her diet into a healthier one.  She also said that she takes cannabis oil when she is experiencing pain. We hope that she will win her fight against her cancer for the third time around.

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